DWW: Vanessa, Tyler, and Amanda the ex who stayed too long

Friday, January 12th

Ladies, how would you feel if your boyfriend had his EX staying over at his place because she lost her power in a storm? Would you be okay with it? You probably wouldn't if that ex was Amanda...


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I don't want our guys dirty player or wasn't sure whether it was you know you go Larry I'm Judy we're queen's day after he learned occurring today on this morning zoo. Quite differently things on your 4731 of four point five hi who's this. Even as it was when every on this dirty work Wednesday. So I can play it lying if they can't see it as a cool now. OK so I what's your boyfriend's name. Tyler okay what is the X is named. Amanda. Okay do you think Amanda is staying over at Tyler's please use that. Yeah. Over there at this past weekend because of the doors. Guess Chicago look like Friday night Ukraine were making you know what to do you would have credibility. Yeah commitment he made. Oddly a lot of people did lose power that first night he's. Yeah well listen to it. She doesn't have issued this place polish and distant. Give us into a crowded that I saw her on here 6 am it's. And when it (%expletive) me off like it's okay if you tell me about it prairies. China honestly didn't think I would notice. Why. Did you call on. Right now and the how did she do it. Action and Dublin told stories about your apartment and they try to be understanding about it lately you know you'd like to keep. It's just until then until they turn their power back on. OK suit suit she was out the next day eight. Did she not only. It turns out that wrapped in place it into a lake ladies and get anything more open and a picture. And watching the blizzard outside let's warm cocoa and the bright person that you. Well all Obama well I don't think I don't stimulate she knew you were looking under its agreement she's robbing it is something. So I turned it icon. They fellow issue and yet it is like it and so there are concerns moral. So actually because his flight is late in July. Don't talk to me and pushed. The soldiers stopped. OK so why are you calling us you try to make sure nothing happened while she was over your boyfriend's place. I kind and I think she's. I. Think he felt that you just know that I hold. Tyler and ask him. I think I did you keep their moral boost you know he couldn't face it she's gone and even machine not. OK okay so somebody else called like maybe we could pretend to be they can neighbor. Other mean and does it feel like she gave me this number to call it the power came back on full alert. He can Klein's name like I think a tight purse and her part womb I saw water coming average soared to gain you know how many FaceBook posts I saw this week about pipes bursting. Actually that's I'm saying like it's totally believable. OK so let's do this let's cult Tyler's phone. And actually can pretend to be Amanda's knee birdie the hole I I think a pipe first thing. And just say like she gave me this number to call if she didn't answer her phone so let's see how this goes he's either gonna say well she's not here anymore. Or he might say hang on I'll get a right now I got. Ask bill Vanessa if she is still there at this point arguing Tyler Dunne. But just eat for his sake she better not have you been. Oh. You reach and me and actually I. Right across the hall from rain she's not inching her and she gave me dismembered as an emergency back plant. I think a tight race in her apartment I can see water coming out from the front of her door. Okay any aspect and if something happened here. You don't want. From me and I wasn't sure if you're back tear apart and yet since the storms start and. Not only staying with a sprained what's going on. You're not right now. Know what's going Knology apartment. You got going. And I don't think it did. He can get ready to kill. Surely know. It is really sure you'd get up abruptly at how different these days don't. He and that was okay you appreciate. Your adopt them. OK first of all how easy when I read. Second apology so yeah no crime was supposed to leave yesterday but the rolled into high school. I think we leave you and if you think you're gonna get back to you know you can't play. I figure charity. Well sure like out of his girlfriend Lance I. Tell you don't own might be only thinking how do yeah. Okay and the food. And not well. So he's about to make its Alex and you know what I need him to get our regal dirty warning. Hole. NASA what are what are you gonna do yeah. I'll tell you what to do it drag pretend to my house right now and be glad. It wasn't about to do. In. Arabic and I don't want to tag during the week it's. And I'm glad I need to drill press and Kobe. And got you you have to stay on the talent as I at least all you do. I think blessed we are we're not advocating any violent yeah I am and each time. I got a god I don't pay back.