Thursday, June 15th

Grand Opening For The Nutrition Corner, BENEFITING Spikes K9 Fund


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Good morning she actually did an Internet perspective and this morning and Blair wins Kyle Brady from being nutrition cornered a into an early subpoena the director of operations for spiky and fine how are you guys doing today thing gays and to have. They Ebert coming in today Carl before we get into everything that's going to be happening on June 2 when he then can you first tell me and my listeners a little bit about yourself and your role in nutrition corners. The nutrition corners started up in Cape Cod family of stores grew up there are owners dug and Stephanie Miller very close friends. Not very much family and I've brought the first nutrition corner to Arlington nutrition corner. Our Arlington Virginia. And from there I became good friends with Doug and Stephanie. And career changed decided to do put one here Newport News, Virginia her and that was almost four years ago now we have nine stores here in the state of Virginia with stored number nine being Oceana nutrition corner our grand opening Nam my role with the company is very diverse class helped finding new locations on helping with. Essentially just the day to day operations of all mine stores. And that's just one facet of of what we do. Nutrition Craig RN SIR tablets are much different tunnel and there supplement story that fine. I think the reason why it is is different is because the fact that our staff are. Individuals who live the lifestyle and we utilized supplementation on a daily basis and so we know exactly what the customers is wanting from that experience on the first time I personally stepped into a nutrition corner pinkie kickoff I was blown away I was a kid in the candy store for an individual who likes this to go into stores cater to that in such diversity. Armed it was it was overwhelming and great great way it's. So in the couldn't customer comes to our our store we don't have any house brand supplements nothing with our name on my staff does not commissioned. We're truly there to listen to what brought that person in the day. And from there really hit home on nutrition and training. Before we really going to supplementation. I have a lot of individuals who come in. Who were looking for certain things from supplementation and the first thing I'm asking what he today. You what was your exercise like yesterday are you really training. Or do you just go to the gym just worked out you know there's a big difference you know as far as there's. You're nutrition goes on do you really take that serious. Where he kind of just do whatever and does that supplements there's no magic pill and we are not sells non salespeople on some really do try and make the experience about that particular individual. Still as your grayling and explaining your making a big footprint here he Connecticut new location opening in there shall enact. Now you're just a little differently constrain your opinion and crafts are so what exactly are you doing like this grand opening. So this grand opening relief looking to team up with the community. The shopping so that we're going into is is. Essentially wrong. Read redesigning itself a rebirth of the shopping center we're extremely excited to be there with one life fitness who was very near and dear my heart I I spent many many years with that company and down when I found out that they were putting in June and that that area I knew instantly we want to be a part of that is as we do have other stores located around there Belgium's. So we're we're real excited about that and we also. Learned about spikes came on fun and when I shared that with the staff I mean everybody just got real and I today and it can't ask them. Alone we have some individuals are our general manager or our store manager of Oceana is actually military and he was he was so off for this. Seems pretty stepped in that this extremely excited and so we where we are so excited to be here today in to meet everybody in and to be a part of this and have spikes you're part of our. Our grand opening now when your grand Anthony tackling so grand openings can be on Sunday. On June 25. And 12 PM to 3 PM. And what do people expect a grand opening so when we do grand opening we we invite some fitness celebrities which that this time around it's gonna be. On Doug Miller who's the CEO of corn nutritional we are also inviting mark low liner who's the CEO of in TS nutrition. And then Sean core body who's the CEO of high performance nutrition together these guys are really really good friends. If you ever follow him on such a meeting they aren't there there there there who. So when they get together it is it's it's that much more of an event. Together they call themselves the gains alliance could end so they do a lot of different events throughout the country in and for our stores we love happened out there they have a big following and they are extremely interactive with the customer when they come into the store that's not to sit down behind a table and sign an autograph. Nothing wrong step but they are not sitting down there. In front of the customers they're walking around the store together with the customer they're going over the nutrition they're going or their training. So the so that's a big part of of what goes on the day we do have some on some some nice discount to go on that date we haven't the big training neat afterwards treaty training this time at Virginia Beach iron on brand new gym saying he arranged. 16 am planning to the screen or Benin because you're giving a percentage of them proceeds firm your green opening day. To spike camp and correct correct okay. Can do little goal I mean general goal that he would like to raise that dale learn. Anything we do. That date is is gonna be amazing but we found out about vast ahead so this kid and we found out about vest an arm and and we sort of doing some online you know stuff like that to the team got together so we would love to do what it takes to get fast. It angered by that correct current cap that would definitely be Eagles you know crash. We had Italy here as well expect him thanking you and I and I apparently shares a little spikes in Iraq start. Mission in your goals. That. Says thanks skeen and I started a couple of years ago I our founders. As a retired navy seal team was canine handler while is active. Hey Nancy if his life on multiple occasions so when he got out he went to impact them so he started spikes came and islands in it's named after his first working docks by all and we help working dogs both active in retired. With equipment and it would also help them with. With this medical expenses when they become sicker injured and so. That's both active and retired. Teeny tiny sip my passports here and he went in rents archetype here. Over sixty dogs oh yeah all the odds on him to roots are. Protected now one cents maintenance. Natalie you guys beyond education I can't agree and bringing that will be there I think just navy captain and selling merchandise are taking donations are supporting everything that's going on track where we need to do anything to do stuff like frank finally getting in some places it a takes them and their proceeds to get to you guys we have yeah we have with other businesses that. Have done forests we've never attended an opening there had an opening day dedicated to us. This is really cool it's anything for a standard Google print and you light and team I think it would be awesome to. How can raise enough money from us so we can imported the best athlete dame nine interest and corner I think that's telling him finds he can not counting on behalf enabled yet. Thank you coming into the haze once an hour to drink and in my hand he has just passed each wanted to hear it there is anything you'd like to beat McCain itinerant. How eating parts start with you Karl. Certainly and so again you know this is one of nine stores we are family owned and operated on tonight each stores individually -- we we don't again have a typical experience that you're gonna find it at a supplement store we take great pride going above and beyond that customers' expectations and being a part of the journey on my wife tonight. Huge part of our life it is is is working with individuals that are looking for a lifestyle change on you we work with competitive athletes but the pride and joy comes with working with an individual you can see that light bulb come on and then from there you start to hear about things were happening their life that otherwise they never would have the energy and stamina for common even in those that the mental outlook for. So so again coming into the store and extreme diversity in supplementation. There are some phenomenal supplement companies out there that you're not gonna find in certain stores that are local you're only gonna find them online so we bring an on line setting. Of shopping time into that retail shopping he can touch and feel and talk about it. Sample products and walk out that day with the supplements that we actually talk about recommend for. And the mcginnis that ongoing support you know though a lot of our customers will. We'll talk to you about no. The fact they were always there he'll come in that a lot of our stores have lounges so you'll see coming could hang out how we support all the troops will ship in the a PO Xenia IPOs so phone orders throughout the United States not the post office to get their you know what won't give you your products so again it's it's not your your typical U shopping experience. And the flyer mind act asking inland valley it's likely that came to her it's just checked refresh our listeners memory beat green opening and the nutrition credential application is happening on June 20 effect from twelve to three a question of the proceeds are banning spikes keen ain't planning helps to. Actor who is to raise 2500 tires to be and that's for eighteen now and Lori what would you likely that he generates today as well invite everybody out come out support us nutrition corner earned Pierson other events check out our social media. Round faced sweater answer Graham and then you can also go to our website spikes can't fund on board to anything other information. In jester Amanda as well you can also get more in them at about the grand opening scenes 1990 fine thank taxiing keyword nutrition to seventh at seven when you for thinking but for coming in today thanks nationally in Q.