The Great Britney Secret

Friday, March 10th

You've heard this song 1,000 times, but you never knew about the crazy secret hidden inside of it. Prepare to have your MIND BLOWN!!

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We're gonna blow your mind down with the Britney Spears thing this is crazy. Literally. I was writing an article this week about some of the mysterious things you'll find it to be your favorite songs when you play them back cooler heads back and. So that's old story you place on backwards it says worship a double portion for anybody choosing rock song CNN plans to maintain it already rocks off him. So this person wasn't included a lot of rocks or some pain terra Judas Priest was in the article a moment. Infusing Kanye west was an Angel Kanye West had a Kim owns and manages has weren't I'd not just recently by his son Timmy turning. Oh really can't well yeah we will have we had a mainstream pop so I don't think so until now. So we all know this song very well. Me baby one more time Britney Spears. 1990. Played third 1990. He was sixteen when that song came out correct sixteen years old when they shot the video we all remember the video the schoolgirl outfit. You know the label wasn't sure about the video they thought that's a very sexual outfit to be putting a sixteen year old girl it. And they were kind of afraid of the image was gonna give Britney. Should have been more afraid of the message that was hidden in the song. Now for the record I wanna say this there's a lot of times and we do some like this where you are obviously say that nick messing with our SEZ morning zoo being crazy. In less you've pull lets you lie to me and actually this is completely real I've not altered this music you. You do at home when your phone you could record it and in playback in your phone your voice memo. You know I'm not I have not held altered this on it anyway there was an old myth about this song. And member of Brittany who's sixteen. From the label is a phrase is being too sexual. Doing what happened in the label find out. Then when you play this song backwards. You can hear Britney saying the phrase sleep with me I'm not too young. And it's as clear as day again. So we thought that's not true or it sounds sort of like him but you're really Strachan. It doesn't sound sort of like hit it sounds exactly like I what does this say it's what the Frazier listening for is sleep with me I'm not too young are you ready yes listen. Yeah like yeah. It's obvious your monthly local. Or what I play again I made his forwards. Oh nice then yeah. He's Opel as well. Goose pimples while I. That was in the song how he's done a bigger story I don't know and I. Did it did because it's old too old yeah I don't think people knew about. It by its end there here it is one more time. You know sex sells to sleep and then completely made. I'm not huge. Young guy and again if you think is just husband's around the our guests though not. Go on the record that was only iTunes record your voice memo and then. Listen to back at the back up. So we shouldn't dig around yesterday actually and I were in the studio ruling owner and others mysteries you can find in your fear is doing of our sons and inflame backwards. In and we thought others sons and obviously have hidden messages like. There's songs like hero in gold. Let's have heard vice president producer tract that he's doing right there their voice but that's got to mean something when you played backwards when you assumed an exile so we've played it backwards yesterday and we were shocked to hear this. Yeah seeing. That was now so that's that's now that's in there I got to listen carefully. Scary that is scary. And he knows on right. People are gonna think that the Britney Spears thing you do is say thank you tell you something else we do and could learn something else that we figured out a guy if if hearing Justin. Timberlake sketchy pop sensation can't sub the feeling. Instantly made you wanted to see the movie trolls maybe there's a reason listen does that we. You will go see through old you will blow. You will fly drove. Men who wield over. Leonardo joy of tones voice is. Right. What does this thing all. This was the theory we all have about. Taylor Swift working with same. We always sub there's something more going on between those two on the moon but if you listen to the record closely backwards this is what you can hear was. Really doing. Now say her. It's. It's very revealing you don't you think we're totally doing. Clean feeling. Now in secret alliance and that's crazy as that is amazing and there was someone else that caught. I thought those kind of its kind of silly by. Like. The ironic thing about the we can dean's being think moments. Tech I think he's really rubbing it in Justin Bieber space how do you know this well because I've only. I trust you know well I'm ladies he's single party monster backwards and I heard sending very familiar to you. Say wow now. And trade him leaving get a future could help interconnected. So look at your should be an unpleasant mean isn't it. But here's the real one or more times when he heard. Get it maybe Wal-Mart time. Oh my god I feel for the record just a little confused people. That was 100 sit real cracks they all wore oh. I don't know about that last one for sure was totally area that you said it dude true self put on your voice memo on your phone play backwards for appear to have your mind blown here and share it with your friends you didn't Google they'll come up like this song put some on YouTube did yeah act playback return have you out. It's crazy and you heard about it first right here and see what needs yeah.