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Good mining accident and they came generics perspective and this morning and here we crank coal. Even vice chairman in charge and breach operations that the hinting Patrick got that. How are you doing this morning thank doing great. Well thank you for coming in person mom I appreciate Chapman of course you're gonna talk to our listeners this morning about the camps in cup forgot that what exactly is that. Annika got to is a Hydro playing power boat race put on that they PBA where that we're reading for freaky being. So folks who were regatta they think sailboats. I sat like consensus yeah I think he notices anything that sailboat seuss' brawl. And adrenaline brawl power out cruel 150 miles an hour alma water well. Start X started in you have to river behind what now is the alms crown Plaza Hotel in downtown Hampton. Back in the nineteen point six who started. And back then that the seeds were a lot lower lot slower. So as these picked up this or look for alternate sites not her thing they actually breaks out in the back river alpha Langley think Warner to hear around. And then in the fifties they found their spotter mill creek reps at four Munro that's we're Bennett percent. And I'll say that's when the best locations you have on the east whose race and because we were were were protective body of water are we are title. So we had you responsibly born while we change we can sometimes. But that's that's why because we had some of them it's water depths in the creek golf can it. We never wanna see a boat flipped but if something happens. When they pop that Cali now that hatch apparently canopy they wanted to need to have a clear actually get that fully a terrorist group grew get a mile makes sense but anyway. Cindy it's a thing but sailboats yeah he's pretty exciting. How does it turned this year this or nine seconds running some folks who say well it's not 92 years between now 1926. Low. It's not like anniversaries where are heard first born in 1926 and counting up this our 92 annual running. We are continuous two that's warplanes Spain's. We've always continuously running motor sport than of any type in the country to Bessemer knowledge we've had through the years you research and there's other events that started before we did but for whatever reason they had a break in service that type of thing. A World War I were to determine where they may have started but we're lucky where were at Britain was so its military background. Where this. During work to actually the navy and army brawl test holes now. And they've had some of the racers race there's been. In the regatta this to say Hayes. Just how this works out and end and that way we're it would lead to be continuously have gone through the years. An action approach will work two years you actually had old. Fighter plane engines work come into play I mean it at the the things I've seen. Actually beat world. Engines of some of these boats and they were don't mean Elvis Eagles that you really neat kind of thing gets through a thing I'm a big issue about ourselves alexion those things are he tucked away takes place now when does it take to play us this year our race dates are September 24 and 23 and 24. Bridget habits and AM for spectators. Are races were were applied all about 1030. Alex ligaments we do have a title issue in that creek. So 1030 were at a minimum water depth their catchup all the outside my receipt hot town and down on the backside to the afternoon. That gives plenty of time to get all race heats and okay as we do invite everybody from the im bored series for me TBA. Everything from our flat bottoms two larger east peace gifts to all the different ratings for that hunter planes. Now I east race series. All local or international. Learn. Other international actually yeah we have a fairly big contingent racers can now from Canada. And in years past we've had some come form for a way is New Zealand well I was likes his guys come back as of pretty for a way to count McCain Canadian racers are pretty regular with our circuit we have a few local racers the majority of mergers across United States up and down these canoes out midwest. Castle whisk whisk through for issues come when this policy race teams out there with the organ Washington State played California plates and we lows in this down. Yeah. Steve I expect they share. This year we're at the proper route eighty. Every week. In hate getting back in early two thousands when I first became. Or this committee. A rear seat over hundred plus boats but this local racing. It's not like you're NASCAR rookie Langley speedway. These guys are Africa's they love it they do you have there and sponsor some of it's alive it's her own money. That news. As things with your expenses are raised through the pro when the price of gas lost his mind back in early 2000 and thousands of relief when he saw a lot of drop off and for all the gala gas witches. It was a death Los Angeles excuse. That you on the road with the authorities in trailers and all the support you tackling that kind of thing instead expensive and they they are bringing their families neighboring his armies out. That's when they won't make sure we point out every time we do these kind of energies. This a family friendly event on both sides with race teams and spectators. I don't there all the laws spectator bridge which is the book bull or bridge between fevers and Foreman rove and you see folks that are you bring their kids out and before that their perch brought them out. We have some cases we afford generations of families that come out and watch on that even though this is cool thing is we've got song for generation race and families out here at all. And dead dead kids on the on the great grandparents don't hear that kind of thing to general how the young they had this is yeah. But that's really cool to see and win on the TV crews come out to interview the racers. They talk about how well commitment to make we make them feel out there and and that and that really means a lot to me that more Smart now the we've done it right enough than the feel at home they wanna keep coming back. And that's always our goal we want you to come back we want the spectators and Madeleine racers come. See the army spec teenaged you expect to gain this year. Throughout the weekend we a perfect weekend we are outdoor event we expect up to 25000. Often come through the the whole event as a whole. And I don't leverage the management for. We do hold fast to things entertain folks is another little break between reasons that are wounded from Seoul little water. We'll have a food vendors out there we'll have adult beverages up Brian Price. We'll have Pete's barbecues. Seif huge. Just reader amber hot dogs left and ice out there for now we went with those kind of things. Web merchandise vendors out when however are limited edition T shirt guy. That's always a fan favorite he sells out every year always special to get my honor to have a big Todd Jack McDowell again. Earlier and he did his upcoming yeah. He did that he's he's become a big smile. And then headed toward him formerly under the bridge we do have courtship of recourse is the most amount display is what are kind of vehicle they want and bring him out would love to see those we have people always ask about partial every year hey Carter coming back if it's packed. It seems as a lot going on. The entire time on the bridge that you ascent cart champ. We have a separate children's area down there recession gets little blue guys some on the dual board then bring him down there would have games and that kind of thing going on. A calories only got over Mallory will be host nationals four room while I'm seeing. Well actually have pirates from black actors crew in camp doubt they're this year whether you South Carolina actors coming out behind. And hopefully one blowing jolly old elf will make an appearance out there. Calendar did you keep people in your recruiters ads come and get ready idea hopefully he'll be out there used to mean last week he will be looking at the anyway we we treading appeal to all ages out there. And you when you're up to the bridge came bring chairs with you you can bring pop ups with you which need to be prepared election to the bridge how we do have or website we do have things about allowable level things because we do have the food vendors whatnot. We don't allow coolers we do make special allowances for chew people children special dietary needs a service animals all of us are welcome but but no pets no that's I felt. Just because it it is a roadway there are facilities out their Bernie animals for me. We get played at facilities for people. Bush gets on before we get into any more details about different events. Just costume tanks it's remission. Just park your car and keep us so we do have a parking field there if you if you park your car there we've we will have the militant about one of the local neighborhood pools little fundraisers they imposed by about pork okay or five street parking which does become a premium pretty quickly that's what we do have the field there him or he can't part Google for Rome we do ask you or four road at least be very respectful of any parking signs that are up as it is a resident. A neighborhood door parking lots out there. And Glenn Yoder and his folks have for growth sort of walked this very well we wanna be good partner to them and we always emphasize that these pay attention we're parking. That our people Honda began how to continue to put on a free race every year. There is a lot of facets that city Hampton person performances one of our. Near and dear supporters and we do have him in her name. I'll lock wood Brothers cranes to these votes are not trailer and some people may think that like a program that didn't bother every heavy lift cranes block wood Brothers. -- national banks whenever order financial supporters brought him when Ford Volvo this year. Or all one funeral home groups schedule this year they only wanna get down and promote their business like planned ahead yet. Before credit means coming out this year was us and liberty tax service. And don't forget some and I apologize in my am forgetting her. And marked the last will be out there was this. Just the holders of folks out there we had we do have sponsorship page if you can check his out please patent. That patronize is that wreck that we're. So do business there waiting while Juan is contributing to this really is future into those Outback Steakhouse is contributing. To our VIP hospitality area. And price admission price before reminds one of our long Tom long standing supporters with us they bring your product out and make this very fun. Let what they're doing make sure we get out this year that's new this year we always try to do something new every year but I get people I guess most normal. We're having the very special kick off party who refusal French rapper love that place and it's also calling on their. Russ and Rebecca there's wells Michelle. And rocks and we've been work within and pass monsters. Getting details were way. Friday night start at 6 PM and Freddie and set September 22 a pain the front 94 truck to get the floor earlier from all. About 4 PM they will be doing little wolf fund raiser for three to five and Mike and now you you can not your opponents now as well. 6 o'clock official kick off. 630 drew Valentine Manila medicine will be playing as if you have heard of before he is also. To monitor here and that we check our answer Rampage we've got a little VO LT needle sampler which were here. We're also FaceBook member website and corporate got to dot com. We will at the kickoff or either you will have a boats on display. The only clubs in my Obama talked to race drivers who don't have an opportunity crank mumps are by and hear him. Up close. Our pits our pulpits where race teams are are or open used outcomes sign a waiver will open respect ammonia. Just there's no alcohol no smoking in you have to have closed toed shoes come down there and you can not talk race teams are there available talk. Sometimes are little busy after tweaking an engine has the dissent in the sample on the water under her tranda do repair they may nap time talk. We don't want to you or hey I mean obviously to get. But most of them are always glad she'll walk through this sort of these these this is our pride and joy are for them and they they love partner by about school. Racing began on Saturday at 103010 parity and on Sunday and he said you can purchase it in traffic beverages on the bridge crests at. Right now what activities would take place on the preached this year Arab racer mean greet autograph session and I read tending to about the VA Conning. At the VA this hell I'm I'm very proud doses so we've been able to do for many years now. And I relative als patient or the VA hospitals power cord injury is passed away now but. One thing that we do bring in. On Saturday. Patients in the VA hospital the camera on the buses at their tenants with them and we open up our our hospitality area and they bring a man. Some of them are and maturing someone coming in wheelchairs some kimono motorized earnings. As this one the few events they're actually can get out about were hurt or unable to help them out and get them enjoy it and they come out and have a good time on some folks who may seem come how all of it stand worshippers were we don't they stay as long as they want to. I can say they love they look for to have that last year we did have a couple that gas come back on their own home Sunday laugh. That would speech or took care of them as well because they are there special folks and we're proud to have him. So they come on Saturday animals and at times the bigger comes on Saturday and then if you think you can Mack who were on their own the come around Sunday. I went racing began on Sunday they led bristles and it also begins at 1030. I east you're mentioning something that you can't bring on the brain age and things you can't breaking people to eat most of that information and we'll looks like you when it's your that I am a cup regatta dot com complete and your instant naming based buck as is Africa Ghana and that's reverend can get there since then run. She about it it's agreeable person a pitcher every day of some of the race that you see out there were also make him a little Leo their four volunteers. Can we do have about 220 file volunteer opportunities. Please don't need more volunteers we always need more volunteers and people can get information on your website at Arlington there's a sign of their description of what our volunteers do. We do for our slots there are all volunteers good teacher then we'll take care of your food snacks that kind of thing. If you're out there all day when maturity chicken meal it's a quote from an all weekend. All that's how it started early on a sort of a one day and lecture him a cup more than. Weekend it'd obvious if this this it's really is. You see things you won't see anywhere else we'll ask these race boats. And when these votes are at their optimal there's no other site. And when the wind is blowing just right below the water's critical rooster tail numbers tell a straight question him over the bridge and that's not things like that and there. They do. Wished actions next Pompeii a lot to it happening again like this Trixie and yet. This ship. And in the bridge is parallel to the front straightaway demand that and you can literally see the details the driver. Hit it I don't let Obama ahead and and hands on the steering wheel through the cockpit your. How close we do have minimums safety distance that is close that we could see him and they and the event this animal that you see you outlook and if I got the ride and or flying lap last year. To ask you had yet and yet Alan and I got through the cult cracker box class cent missile that movie bottomless is a flat bottom this nation a race boat. Read a flag let old flags we do the American flag and a flag the PB flag in the POW. And then there were no literal flag put him down and they do what they attempt to the full speed. Lap around the course but. We didn't get quite a full speed yeah study found that I felt like it was. I have. And to make it look more interesting bit that class boats all the flat bottoms there they're not belted it. They're there they've got to wrap policy volleying and what the cracker box she had she handles. Europe Japan the writings is over is on the left side Steve got a one handle when your left side. And one section behind the drivers you're sitting your candidate in the corner mentally had to hang over. And last year I felt like grip slipping twice and I was like lower please let me call. I didn't care about the war the new rescue team media artists in mortality. Is an order by. Annan I tournaments coming up the the rescue team there always been and these guys are the best in the country. Other regions of three PBA rule approach these guys whenever there race coming up to see if they're available to come then back to the news there that did these get zero pointer track in the whole race field as a cover on the course. Social what happens all they gotta do is put the throttle and they're going to where they need to be. I've seen flips for Seacrest for. And Hampton and and other venues deceive slowdown was sitting a couple of years ago and they had a driver out of the water in less than thirty seconds to maintain a mean it was they were just right or. Saturday and on a hat and absolutely absolutely never want see things happen what we know do you know that if something does or the US and yet they're the best and. All's elsewhere in the San meal is there's two things I don't ask you that cresting is what is your favorite being at a hunting cut forgot. If you had to share it I listeners your favorite part about the weekend. That's true or put a finger on to use everything even when I'm out there that were thrown Thursday put the bridge together all the work to use into it. Just seeing the event come together moon and seeing everybody out to just enjoy themselves. And just a sister when the people who have never been before you see that look on your physical there that CE SPN I expect yeah obligatory. What does that look on their face they turn around they're like oh crap yeah. That's cool and and then they hear about the picks be an opener like yeah yeah yeah I don't. It's it's real hard put trigger one thing but he. That that it just the sound like fronts just to greeted entrance and claim it did it is and this is it hit in my hometown I was born raised Hampton a live in Hampton. I'm just really proud bill to have this be part of hand them. Is there anything else you'd like to leave plenty reds today about painting cup regatta and I just if you have any information HCR 1926. At gmail.com has agreed to Regis. The web site has is chock full of formation. You see some things don't FaceBook the who's finch. Event is a panel FaceBook. Post things mr. Graham everyday seeing check things out and see the different boat so we have come and we have a few. We have a few surprises in store I'd like early can talk about right now yeah. It let you know when you see a real known. Okay just to get our listeners that quick we bash on everything be canteen cup forgot it is September 28 and 24. And on Philly days they kick off and then add is a pinch dreary on that Friday that the 22 I did when he sec Amy can get all of that information as well I zeman a Fuller dot com thank you so much Greg for coming in today to talk about death that they can actually.