How I Got Twitter-Spanked by Pusha-T (and what I learned from it)

Wednesday, August 22nd

Here's what caused Pusha-T to call me out on twitter, and caused a crazy tweet storm that followed!!

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Let me now explain to you how I got Twitter Spain despite pushing deep they are. Yesterday this happened to me personal I do this or up by saying. That push has been a long time ally of this reviews he should go way back before it was even a solo artist. A lot of you know he's visitor studio several times he's always given us this time we ask him for it in fact when checklist. Was in its infancy and nobody took a seriously push was one of the first. It was push you said well let's work out a way that we all can win. In short. Our station. Owes a lot to our dislike push NT and so does our morning show. So on Monday night push brought the Daytona toured in Norfolk I didn't go because when you get up for work at 3:30 in the morning usually in bed by 8 o'clock self. I did what most people do right before bed I kissed a woman next to me and I hit up the Graham. So I'm audience a grant after seeing flyers for about four different places all claiming that they have the official pusher T after party. All the negatives the putts started answering my head and I remember thinking myself. How great to be. If we could have pushed come home. And heavy perfect sold out drama free shell. And everything and myself please don't let me wake up to a new semi tomorrow that there was a shooting at some after party or even worse shooting into the show itself. So before I drifted off to sleep I went on Twitter. I asked everyone going to the should be careful and responsible I mentioned how nice it would be to not wake up to that headline. The next morning we went on the air and it was right about this time yesterday and it say about twenty Twitter notifications. Then fifteen then a hundred. I thought this many people interested in beard is now. That's what I went on Twitter a nurse that push himself had treaty back about my comment. But we mental note anybody thinks pushes sleeves and the day after a shell we are sorely mistaken he was up at 7 AM tweeting so just so you know the next time it happens deal. He was definitely awake and he was definitely on Twitter the following morning so just when you knew where anyways I'd back to the story so to. Based to a person told me. Is it regards to my comment. Was pretty eloquent pretty enlightening. He pointed out to me that the way my tweet was worded. Painted his show and negative light at this point you're probably when he what exactly did you tweet so I'll tell you exactly what they treated. I wrote. To all of yelled once you push your show tonight be careful and responsible. How about we not. Wake up to the headline shootout at rap concert tomorrow that would be nice. Launchers and you listen you're probably seeing yourself what's wrong with that. We'll here's what's wrong with that. By using those words. I was perpetuating a negative stereotype of push his arch his fans. And to some extent to black culture. That I intend to do this. But see. Hoping for the best outcome isn't bad. But hoping for the best while assuming the worst is up and that's what that message that I wrote implied. And it's simply not do in many many of the others I never drew that messenger for the G snow themed concert on Sunday night. A few weeks ago we had Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson in town and I never felt compelled to tweet may be careful and responsible out there maybe I should happen. But to make the point even more concrete when I sat and thought about the past few tragic events that occurred during her concert to came to mind the shooting a Las Vegas which was at a country concert. And the bombing in Manchester which was at an Ariane grundy show. Yesterday I discover what it was like to be the most hated person on Twitter for today not fine Twitter hate comments. Are a lot like when you are an algebra class and kid behind you would like Q in the ear. A couple times is annoying but after about a hundred times it's hard not to take it personally and and yet you can fight back and try arguing. But to be honest and giant boulder is rolling downhill and you're the only one trying to push it back up sometimes it's better to just lay down and get rolled over. Let me tell you something that sucks about Twitter if you go on their looking for the benefit of the doubt you should know now that it does not exist. It's less than most of the they reading about how I would. Probably be fired for my country should be fired that should step down lord that I am racist which is a heavy word to me. My favorite when I'm a vulture culture. Work culture vulture that says. To catch because it crimes in the and it is all labeling. We're back to school your name calling me might welcome these sassy molest your big booty Judy even as I'm telling you that's a real as the many years specially in the tour her first. Are rolling your eyes right now and muttering things like easily seen this keep his job. His lawyers must have written the speech for him. This is more double talk again when there's a pile on. It's way easier to jump on the pile than it is to stop and ask why were piling on to begin way. It's easier to yell at the rain the world's sixth and this guy is the reason. The problem with that it's we'd be enjoying it and it isn't working it's not fixing any thing. It's on the challenge those of you feel that we did do something better than that something a little bit bigger than that have a dialogue with me. And no you don't owe that to me. But tell me your site this anyways I'll listen and maybe he'll listen to my side it may do you realize. Or making the same argument. Would it be great if every summer we have as many hip hop shows as we do country music shows or molding all the Iraq reunion shows. I hate to say stupid things from time to time if you don't believe me ask my wife just prepared a budget yourself about two hours to hear all of them. However I know what is in my heart I I'm not naive to the fact that this country is embraced problem. I believe. To the very marrow of my bones that we can fix it through dialogue with the each other and I know it's easy to roll your eyes and these words I know for some view it here we go again. The making that assumption about me is in a way doing the exact same thing some of you accused me of doing so how we stop this let's stop. Perpetuating. Negative stereotypes it's getting us nowhere we become so focused on this problem. That were refusing to find a way to fix it it's Lee easy. It's not a us at least it doesn't have to pay. I want to conclude this by saying I am always heeded apologies from public figures that never feature the two most important words I'm sorry. So do I care what Hoboken Joseph new Jersey's hottest concert promoter on Twitter thinks of me not really. But I do care what you think after all you're busy one for audience you spent your morning's quick thoughts and without you we'd be talking to ourselves. So two year old. And most importantly to push a team. I would like to say I am seriously and sincerely sorry. Pushy deserve better.