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Friday, July 22nd

The Zoo welcomes rapper Logic to the studio for the first time. He talks about his tour with G-Eazy, and the surprise guest he convinced to sing on his latest hit "Flexicution"


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Tanjug that don't mind and yes that you're not hearing things really is is human eggs do we have taken over her. The theme of the Palestinians and it's taken over the studios is probably because somebody's specials from the business. If you're going to be at the end theatre tonight the veterans united home loans and theater community television tonight. The endless summer tour is seeking individuals as he disguise joining us in the studio this afternoon. Some you know with young to not be known as Bobby Tarantino we just call them off. Afternoon. Thank you for coming humanity of a hundred things to do before show yes a for you to give us some time and it's a big deal thanks brother Allen Stanford had his I'm excited rhetoric demand by DJ he's from here this is hometown this is a hometown UK and Asia that we talk a network of partners have liked to would have three years taught in this morning about have you on our show and I said I remember the last Redick was here you. Checking camp rock for state and out there. And he was say an he's gonna go on tour he's going to with logic did you know that and remember on. Okay. Is a little while ago windows and then and then I turn my TV in icing on Jimmy Fallon show where in the Virginia Tech Hokies solitary and I are good for humanity represent the -- -- I got it Norfolk tides that are in lieu of the stunning picture armory now opens and my man never dreary came from swimming phones are down listen this is very cool that only to have rhetoric back but glad to have you here is pretty cool as well too and blatant talk about the right time and you're on fire right now and I yes you watch somebody get him as the water. The you mix tape is out. Obviously everybody loves it the flex accuse him record is fantastic things and I appreciate. And and it's all going for you the endless summer to what is it been like so far I've got to imagine this is the biggest tour at this point and then they guys is the biggest to a that I bet I've done it's really weird. But any getaway. It is like super stoked and happy union rhetoric but every night and it's like it's wild man Yosemite shift. It when he says he did damn near 25000 people there so it's like it's super awesome it's a real it's a true proper co headlining tour bring my fans in GE c.'s fans together. Which is super awesome so. It's down man it's fine it's wild it's different is something I've never done before because it is it. I don't know it's just it's just so big and so grandpa and in the best possible way it is that it's a fun and that's why drop the make state Bobby Tarantino I did it. For fun I data for the summer I did for the fans and and yet and I mean. I I'm just so glad it worked out this way because everybody's taking it for what it is just something fun and Cynthia. When you're in an act. Athlete or at least make a baseball player if you were to play for the -- they would tell you what when you make the show everything changed hotels are better and cable carrier luggage or if you're good to us we did you pull it really it should stick to those of us real data to on the chiefly -- semi waits in the corner killing. That's been she's wearing a fantastic team had so but anyways does it feel that way does it feel like okay. I've made it or do you kind of feel like I mean it's so far I've got a lot more ago. You know I've definitely I have so much further to go but I think as we are the backhand look back now in the state in the sense of life. Where I thought I was worth on I wanted to be when I was much younger and a party surpassed that so much now the sound any type away on an assembly center area that they get like. If he could go on tour and had fans he made it but that isn't necessarily the truth that's the truth in the personal aspect of like. While I started working in ways so that I can have a fan base and be able to put albums out and make. And do I love every day yet which is what I do which is what rhetoric does and it's really amazing so when a sensor like we've made this is what we love to do you know play. Then what you did here you realize there's other goals that you say every time you attain that goal he said ten more so yes that's kind of bittersweet. And read it with you be at home right now deep do you do you hit it's spots do you like I gotta go to du Mars I got. Does is it definite bullet when he broke with great cooking you home the other got a mom that's not a lot of listening I'm on my caddie. We when I come back they mean. And just keep. Tutor had these people at ruby like. On Aldridge numbers are in town wanted to go to shown that I don't have it don't know it he had no right everything I need to look up for a look at. It's putting it that logic 31 at DG rhetoric and that gorgeous on behind me it's just Andrea Nader don't area very entertaining. Hay out of all 32 hitters that's the most understanding you know and that's the one you want to follow the yeah. Let's listen to some off the mixing in this is the boy who we announce this now officially as your first. Billboard hot 100 charting single I suppose and your way and the T shirt again and I guess they go with it but this is so cool I mean did you think yourself. That it's Sunday while the on the charts this and I mean think about a man it's weird so it's chemical that it's it's there and get started or whatever happens I have been and that's that's good enough for me in so it was a little bit of flex occasion here and I want you to listen to the very end because there's a sweet angelic. Lisa you hear who vivienne. You get the team of what's going on here and independent. Now we're gonna talk about who that voices that checked it out to this isn't your ideas tonight. And we are which likely what you owe you money yourself that it's. That's also you you vixen is it a what's your name. You can stay high listen in right now and they would sell because the gun. Look he did I appreciate you know I just got very diligent. I. Are you excited this is at night. I didn't expect it. It's going to be super awesome that he's so much for Colin has a suite of the politics in the studio with us this morning and well this afternoon to meet him this morning to throw him. What was that gorgeous enjoyable icing and Huckabee and that's on my dad my life that's why I think he had like he can sing it's what became thing I think I think she left because she knew years. Not whereas ever likes that huh. Currently ignored me you know she wasn't annoyed with my wife is very just like an international life is very that she's very few if she's very funny but he's very much you guys they're really cute I don't know about this a stocky goes on YouTube that I yellow -- as the best blogs theories she does she really does is that this non locals but but very cool stuff and it sounded good I like the sound of that I think you Damon gonna hear that tonight. If you're going the appeared by the way if you don't have tickets EG should still get tickets good out to the veterans home loans united empathy that when it denied home loans in theater box office and he tickets. On and you can also get a mile and Ticketmaster or like nation dot com both of those plays yes or you can call Frederick's cousin and begged him for days. Let enough insulin the seven and our partners. You want rhetoric cousin that's probably what happens is they have what is life I feel like that's half the people come to door I wondered if that happened you when you come back to visit everybody knows you and I'm with silence I feel like I had a bunch of great in space here. And it really it's just come from here you don't see that many people that come out and come back a kind of stuff like yeah and that everybody's been super respect with an entry. When you guys come to a city. Do you are you already think in where's our have to part again here tonight if I know for you know like well I know for you logic person I know that you are in this phase right now where you cut out the drink can you cut out the smoke and and now the fun. The but do you still think in terms of where's the after party or are you kinda like gave me on the bus and give me Helmer gives got a bizarre world because now so I was so my drink of choice has become Glenn livid eighteen years a blow up an an and it's very it's it's rare but everyone does it allow have a have a drink yet I'm not make a drinker so I don't drain but a but it's very rare select my wedding when I bought my house for the first that a great show of Baghdad now look at them every day okay. And our eyes lit up when it. But yeah. So there's no after party like I'm just I'm super chill on very relaxed my after party is like lane and that was my wife and in what in reading Harry Potter. Oh really yes now when you see reading Harry Potter is that just euphemism for something or you really reading Harry Potter what is it muddle in the streets who visited his sheets. So bag they go.