Jingle Bell Prank 2016 2

Wednesday, December 21st

It's another year for the Z Morning Zoo's classic hilarious Jingle Bell Prank Calls! The tradition continues...

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Reservist Jim. Another name. I was ahead. IndyCar and you can. Yeah. And it isn't very loud music in the background. Here you. Although they look fine in two and a little. This is jammed. No blue whale. I'm like yeah. I get it. There is a. Blew a hole. I know. It's. Scott I did it did Kissinger or something. Low it is a joke. Call eight now you're wasting my time. Okay stop calling the city's number. All right behind. That's absolute gem. Customer service has gem. Low. I. All. Lead up. You can't be the only leading. I'm I'm sorry dude yeah. And good. Customer service. And yeah and AM yeah. I you don't. You wait and everyone cayenne and whom clearly have no. Good anymore I mean. Ridiculous all right I. And in light and it just six. Yeah. I do I do it again. Fired. Get me really well eight. It. You pedestal. Calling he can be orange and low. Larry hell is Mario is. It's gonna lose his mind. Ruined his life.