Friday, December 15th

Ashley sat down with Amanda Rowten, from the Newport News Police Foundation! 


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I got my age it's actually another team standards perspective and this morning and hear it and they endeavor entertainment and you britney's police foundation how are you today and here Harry if I'm great thank you for coming in this morning. And that both and really involved in talking about the new produced police foundation can you tell me what your title reigns and roll. Sure on the executive director of the foundation. Like it would organization's mission. So we basically support the police department I'm not only to make their jobs easier is an incredibly difficult job but also to make you produced more vibrant and so everything that we do in the city Newport News and Hampton roads is we had people come from Norfolk Virginia Beach to visit of us may comes down to public safety so economic development terrorism. Buying a house it it's all about Brett the city is safe or not so anything we can do to enhance that by helping the police department helps the greater community. Would you say is that Foundation's goal. Our goal is really to make sure that every single officer in the city of Newport News has the technology the equipment. The train that they need but also has the resources to interact with the community. Okay and how do you raise money to provide these needs for the officers it's difficult we don't get any federal or state funding. It's all private individuals and believe it or not cross it's mostly corporations because most individuals that are in their households are the cars right now listening to the radio they have no idea who we are pleased donations exist and bigger city so it's a new concept for us. So it's direct solicitation. By the way to this city listening I am not the person calling your house ask you don't think the police department we never do phone solicitations. Those are probably not legit you can call your local police department mask but. It's it's a lot of the wild one visiting with people doing things like this on the radio online donations but really spreading the word. Now why would you say it says in par and for that community to support the police foundation to support the officers. So you know who we always laugh around at the police department you never call the place to harm when you're having a good day. You know it's it's usually. A great. Idea expire as anti genetic if they see about the community doing different things but you know it's never good day when you have to call the police department. And it's really important to support the police department because they're gonna be there rather you like them or not let me read you want a column or not. Rather use think you're gonna need him or not you know they're going to be there no matter what the circumstances are when you called them it's probably going to be one of the worst days of your life. So to make sure that they have the equipment the training. The knowledge that the community in the relationships in the community. All of that comes down to money in making that happen. He maintained you do not receive any government funding and tax tires don't pay for their equipment like a lot of people assume. Do you have against him fundraisers to help support the foundation usher actually we don't a lot of different events during the year we just on our signature fund raiser which was in the fall and that was opportunity for people to come out it was almost like a trade show expo they can get our clearer hat which is our big swat vehicle. They could see a lot of the marine patrol men women and come out see body cameras in Iraq at that see the dogs can firmer canine unit and learn all of those different things and then have an opportunity to donate. Real lot smaller events throughout the year we're planning a nine K for the canines which is an opportunity to. Is they run nineteen raced it she camera and what your dog house yeah so we think people are really gonna like that junket bill a lot of running events appeared on so we think people have that opportunity our act of us who were always looking for new events we've done some things that pass like a golf tournament set there's anybody out there listening and they have an idea. Or want us to display their event we would be more than welcome to do that. You mentioned there's different programs can people give to a specific programs absolutely. Anybody in opera we'll tell you day you know we have lots of things come up during the year that we are not anticipating to end. We found the department. It's not grant basis they had paperwork that they have to fill out actually an officer can apply for a cramped and then the chief of police reviews it and my board and then we grant fund that so we never really know what they're gonna need during the year there are some things that. Revolved but other things could come up. But yes absolutely you can designate your funds I do have a lot of donors that like to designate to the canine programs and asked a lot of donors that wouldn't normally get to police foundation which is not something that they're particularly interest it and but they love our youth and community programs so anybody that's listening you can absolutely designate your donations. We just had a very nice gift commander from a family of a police officer to have brain cancer. She passed away and she really loved the canines and all of our officer friends are combined bring their dogs issues and hospice. And she donated specifically to the canine unit that Tom farm. And your organization do you morning Jess I quit being so for example that community programs. Sure absolutely at I would say that more than 50% of what we do it actually community or printed. And that has a lot to do for our community policing focus in the city of Newport News you know our officers are not just out of our car driving around writing tickets. They're assigned to a specific area that does not mean they're not gonna get dispatch somewhere else but they get to know who's on the street corner who's waiting for the boss you know. Which little lady is afraid to come out of our house should not relationships that the absolutely they get to know the people in their community and it's not unusual to be out of an and that of our officers and see somebody run up and give my hunt is they've been there forever and officers that have been published a search for over 25 years engines they have these amazing relationships with the community and then. Now I've carried that familiar programs have actually saves lives can you tell me up yes that's our trauma kits it's one of my favorite things. And you know I have to have people write a check for donation and I'll say. Let's only fifty bucks you know it's not gonna get a much in the church physically actually save somebody's life. Box out you know most equipment officers have it's not standard and many of them make their own medical kits to take with them. We assign them with their ballistic vests they're weapon. A taser Unita radio or other sorts of things but it trot kit is something that this new concept in most departments to not have them at all much less pay for them and it we have the menu producer if you think about the Orlando nightclub shooting. Are they shooting in Las Vegas everybody has this idea that when something happens the police are gonna comment. With the EMTs and everybody everything everybody's gonna save as can be fine and that's not true beyond their jobs or to secure the scene and make sure that the suspect. Is in custody so that they can get their investigation each everybody's safe so EMTs often can't command me to the scene is secure. Our track it's a small backpacks that officers can grab and they take them into a scene with them and they can actually save your life it's they get tee at. And they're not they're sophisticated piece equipment they're not complicated they're quick clotting materials chest seals things that you would see in the field Afghanistan or Iraq. That the military would use turning kids. And the simple piece of equipment that costs you know a little less than a hundred dollars. Can really save someone's life doctors are so trained on and it takes about three or four hours for them to be trained specialized training. But it's an amazing tool that we had and we saved several lives in the city of you for news officer wal Zach. And that was going Google look at the daily press he's Barbara police officers retired military. He actually is one of the first officers to use them on a chest wound companies or other organizations deep partner so everything we do is based on partnerships that we've got a strong foothold in the religious and spiritual community and produce a lot of different churches occasionally have foreign ministers that have on our board. But from a corporate perspective we also work with a lot of businesses sacked him and at Virginia has very good to last but not only a donation but really with a lot of equipment that we get that they outfitted our entire forensics department costs as well as every single officer in their car has a little teeny digital camera. Like you go pick up at target Wal-Mart began and what they can do is if you haven't maxed Anderson crime scene they can preserve the evidence if for safety reasons things have to move. Or it's raining and we're waiting on the forensics unit they can at least get photos of everything before. You know the evidence gets washed away so that's really getting Canon has donated all of that to us. Ferguson has been very good to us as well they were really one of the organizations that helped found our foundation so helping us with our logo are marketing on that initially as well as some seed funds to get us started. And they continue to fund our first responder basketball tournament which is an opportunity for use in the community. To play a basketball term and over the summer with three different. Times and then they culminate in final tournament and a player first responders cool long answer it's really neat at Patrick current mall is very very good to us as well. Dominion power they actually gave us 50000 dollars in grant funds and what we did was we bought three mobile playground says their trailers that have. Toys and games and corn hole boards and lots of fun stuff that was like the best of my life Amazon crying all of that. And our officers take them in neighborhoods that either don't have playground facilities and people are afraid to go out play for safety reasons. Or two churches festivals different things like that they claim for our kids and it's really neat we've got one neighborhood in Newport News. Where it's high Afghani population. And the parents don't speak English so the kids see the toys and games they can not let the officers and then the parents come out. Because the kids are in school they speak English so they translate and now they call us every time they have an event they want our officers come out there and have a good time at sunset builds lots of really good relationships. Huntington angles you pretty shipbuilding is one of our big sponsors they pay for all of our graduation is our promotions are retirements everything like that. Not ever Versailles health systems pays for a tree one week. Leadership camp for kids thirteen through seventeen they come stay with us it's like an ROTC boot camp cocaine and other learn leadership skills and Riverside hospital pays for all that. Let's not forget a bunch of big corporations that support you guys quickly is not we do we're really fortunate. Now aren't any chance tax deductible castle at least you need to consult your count because I'm not an account and this but under the IRS rules were 501 C three charity and so you can deduct anything for what you don't receive a benefit singer -- gonna tell you if you come to our breakfast and the cost of your meals like seven dollars. You gave Tony you can't deduct at seven dollars out of it then but if you just write us a check for something and you wanna make a donation all of that is tax deductible we will send you a letter for your taxes or anything else that your account needs. We also do take gifts of appreciated stock a lot of people call me that they don't wanna pay any sort of tax penalty on harmed in making gifted to us and it's well. Which is silly thinking and you before and I also know that you guys are working very closely with them on a new project he talked about absolutely so it's nice to meet another dot percent has actually working dogs canines are nearing geared in my heart we've got three now wants a house one's service dog. And then a shepherd and I work with canine. I would say every day but at least two or three times a week. And we're building a brand you canine facility and it if you're sitting out there and you can't think theories and if you wanna love the new produced police foundation. Let me tell you the dots are there reasons that so city farming you producers are working jail. Shut down because if they shift in the inmate population in different things rehabilitation and other facility was old. Different things like that spur the clothes are procedure canine facility was condemned me have black mold and it it was an older building. It has deteriorated over the years and our officers are working out of the trailer. The exterior facing kennels we can still use them for the dogs. But it's still not a world class facility like we really need. So we are building a new canine facility at an ever write it ask the question well why you need to canine this'll be all this stuff or you don't the dogs go home their handlers denying the truth is yes they do. But the handlers on vacation music handlers in court if they handlers on medical leave because they've been injured in the line of duty. The dog can't step summer's state and can't go to vets office that his ads it's trained it's a different things and it needs to be around people that understand the dog so it stays at fox. I also don't a lot of mutual aid so for instance the coast and has won German shepherd. They're not gonna build a whole facility for that on that one dot so that dogs can come stay with us and went at the handler goes on vacation and we train with a lot of different departments troops so our blood hounds we train regionally for the so we've got six or seven different municipalities coming in training for blood counts. And they train at our facility were all the obstacles are I know you came in and help and with spikes rehab our course and everything. So that's why it's so important you know our officers in your place to work into their paperwork obviously the the dog needs a place that they can stay. Inkling conditions and taking care of a yeah absolutely and and help our neighboring municipalities. The biggest challenge you would say that your organization feast is its people knowing who we are once you know and if you're out there listening I'm sure right now you're probably like I had no idea and most people don't they have no idea. What it is that we do and why it's important to me they think that their tax dollars pay for everything so when the city and deeper news or if you're north Jerker Virginia Beach it's very similar. When they get their allotment the police department. Let's say it's a million dollars we don't know it's way more than that but when they get their allotment from the city based on everything you paid into taxes in and all of the fees it collected over the years. Nationally. Ninety to 95% of that is actually allocated to manpower so when they get there million dollars or five million whatever it is. It's going to be allocated to manpower that leaves them. 5% that they can really do something went for technology. Capital improvements community programs all the nice to have thinks. That's what we step and we really wanna fill that gap in the number neighbor is is actually 92%. So we get our budget. 8% is left for us to get a leg up on technology body cameras or trauma kits. To do all the fun community programs to build a new canine facility happening like that we really there's nothing left at that point. Which is an officer is new for his London supports and the foundation I definitely say they do not you know it's always educational opportunity that we still have officers that don't know who we are they don't know that they can submit a grant to us. It doesn't beside the chief plays but they they don't know so ward has been getting out as we've been doing more more things and we do a lot of morale things for officer herself. If any nice when a colleague dazzle like last weekend moved out we actually feed every single first responder that they are not son Yasser we feed all of them. I would do a lot of things through them through the years we've done a family fun day where the officers can come man. And they can enjoy the Virginia living museum with their family Anderson bounce houses and different things. We also get free tickets from the Ferguson center for Christopher Newport have a program they donate them to the foundation paint and then on it or release them the officer said we do a lot of morale things they really appreciate that. But more than that they appreciate the tools that they need to do their jobs boom you know an officer comes to me and they save a life trauma can't because we bought them something. Or they've had evidence collected through the body camera. Yeah that that's something that's really powerful and you can't have it feels so rewarding is smoke and rewarding you cannot put a price tag on that knowing that. That person is safe and they're able to do their job more effectively because you bought a little bit of equipment whom. Have some time listening right now once again involved with the foundation and what would you recommend you call you can reach me at 757234. 1570. And our website is an end police foundation dot org you can also find us through FaceBook Twitter. Mr. Graham and all other various forms of social media but just reach out to us. We've got some opportunities with the foundation but obviously we don't have a program unless we work with the police department we have such a robust volunteer program decision to produce. You can do everything from volunteer doing pay pork one day a week to being a volunteer police officer that's not a knock Hillary officer so we got a lot of different volunteer opportunities. If you're interested in doing that give me a call we've also got a citizen's police academy. You can spend I think it's ten weeks a posse come on Thursdays and you basically learn everything about the police department dinner at seeing excellence preclinical. He recklessly at the department and I'm graduation are you still looking for you police officers absolutely. Everywhere across the country work we're short police officers and Newport News is no different. We are really really fortunate new per views that we have very competitive pay very competitive benefits and we have our own training academy where they're gonna learn things specific to Newport News and and learn to do things the way that we want them to reduce of that is their job transition is easier but we always need police officers. If your interest in becoming a police officer you can call me as well some buy seven. 2341570. Or rejecting it and police foundation dot org and I will get your intention for our recruiting department. We do three academies a year we average about 45 people in each class. And one of the nice things in Newport News is if they've got a gap some more outset they need help and administration. They're temperature when there's a recruit so that you can go on and working into your academy class starts because they don't wanna lose people to another department. But there's a waiting for the opportunity. Lots competitive benefits health insurance you get paid three academy your health insurance starts on day one. And you get a take home car become off relation to be living you produce he had to take home vehicle to take the view so there's some really nice benefits plus it's just an awesome place to work. Nine in that community support and fund a foundation in the officers are supportive of the foundation. Well why isn't so important to you personally. So there's this a lot of different reasons this is important to me personally my great uncle was a police officer and Norfolk back during prohibition and who's actually reader's digest a couple times from Somalia a different things that he did Diane. And I had some great interaction place over the years I'm I was not bad car accident an officer came and worked at a forum works for the foundation in my now want us America. And he tickets so they were fern went viral site got to see kind of like the different side of placing. But also my husband's a police officer and the city of Camden he's yeah he's in Hampton where are different jurisdictions this out and we don't we don't draw a lot of him that we provide them trauma kit somebody cameras but now we really focus on you produced mostly. But he's a police officer in Hampton and downed I was hoping to meet you get is geared getters on the swat team has sniper. And I didn't realize who is buying all of his own stuff. So he is buying a lot of his camouflage is buying his optic and a lot of different things and I asked him about it I'm like why are you buying all of your own equipment this is part of your job. And he explained to me that you know some things are standard issue and other things that they feel they need her. Would do better performance with that day course they're gonna find back yeah absolute pardon. So I learned that you know like with the trauma kits a lot of our officers were making them so the more that we can do to provide that equipment and get them the things that they need. It is great as the other thing is our officers you know it is a competitive pay but nobody's in the wanna work for the -- my yet. Making exactly. Well I think you so much for coming into Miami and then talking about the Newport News police foundation and yeah and you are seeing right now wants to get information about the foundation and brick and make. They can get to an end police foundation dot org or give me a call 757. 234157. He can also text me on the number now is there anything out spoke well in this interview that he would like to leave it came to ridge about the foundation I think the thing that I would like to leave you with this you know again if you had a plea shared a call your house please don't check just by that. There's also placed foundation a Virginia Beach and one forming in Norfolk. We do not all of us as a collective group we don't make phone solicitations and your interest in donating to the police foundation seek us out or call your department wherever you are listening. They probably have a way. Well thank you again for coming thanks.