Phone Scam: the A/C Repair

Friday, July 13th

Is there anything WORSE than having your air conditioner DIE on you in the middle of summer? Actually, YES. Getting the ZMZ to fix it is worse...

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And knowing this may be recorded it's time being carefully answering that call include. Or is. Yet just clicked mr. Stiller plays. Mr. Stewart uses and I'm calling from post Malone heating and cooling your oh wife asks us to come look at your AC. Yeah get solo. So personable crypt upstairs to your attic and looked around and I I didn't see Lindsay Nelson. Well I mean yeah. Bingo that's what he still your wives or is it wasn't blowing improperly. Like three day out OK so the good news is it's most likely your compressor. Can swap that out for you get that may be pumping out some hot air for Ian about an hour. Well earlier. I'm sorry. There. Isn't that what you want. It would you let it. Okay see that sounded kinda weird to meet you OK see you cold air yes I want your conditioning back to house. And I need. You or her work is to be sit in front of the frame with your shirt I'll bring you drink Kool Aid I don't know if you try that. No word. Condition. Of getting to them. Doctor breaks it what we're probably have a did you probably ring and out of freon in your you do you ever heard of freon. I really sort of like. Important he's corrects her comes in a little canister that we do is you re failure unit with it and if there's any left you can kinda hostage and an atomic chili right now you will not go for a while they're riding you're live in the ten minutes you experience. After he harmful little free owned. At some element. Offering free no I don't recommend doing it alone at least not the first time you you're gonna want somebody around won't even need any ad you saw. Every. I've got it lets you know a guy who Celanese. So I can't just let go Home Depot. Shoot I wish I tasted the stuff you would continue to see Obama out by eighty. Who really did you doubt at all. About your hang on I'm I'm outside your unit right now. I said. But in the name of all it. Well old boy oak. Mr. us do just. OK so if it looks like we may have another problem. So well without checking your duct work to make sure there was moaning your house. Op why. Outside panel open. It looks like either squirrel or Iraq and we jumped inside and kind of took off I should. Explain what happened. So sure stock market chicken unit. Covered I'll see us in which I'll open up house I've covered check your duct work that leads in the house I turned around. And I saw sultan grabbed my sandwich and then a little on in the ducks so whatever it is it's there it's got my sandwich. I did I Kimberly I. We don't I don't tell me advice for Christmas like twenty minutes may connect sandwich think about how disappointed I am okay yeah. Some in the right. Yet there's an easy way to get rid of him so don't worry what will do is we'll just leave the heat on for about. Like nine or ten dollars and and that should kill whatever there you just cooked in there like it's a big old well. To me and how little why. Do you let the world. I'm. Sure probably smelled just like a rotisserie chicken. And every day. And bill. No I think that would be best on the I have no idea what I'm doing anyways I don't even fix air conditioners north. I am right now because this is actually a busy morning to you radio show it to you before and your wife access to phones can you. Yes all right failure you're AZ has actually been fixed for about two hours already. Mike have you. If you did that effort newcomer at the controller like you might be well. I'm not doing it we get out now and I am sorry you know like actually called somebody who knew what the hell they were doing.