Phone Scam the box on the porch

Friday, April 28th

Is it possible to make a funny phone scam when all you do is keep repeating the SAME PHRASE OVER AND OVER?


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I am going this can't be recorded here. Be careful and answering that call include. Yes the box on the porch. It's a box on the porch. Is that a yes or no. Is a box on the porch. The box on the porch and the Sudan. What how much. Is the box on the pole watch. I area post all of can't even though this visit USD is that barks a couple actual awards as it's. We don't have a lot of time here so he's not pardon around to see if the box is on the porch. Yeah. Yeah. But. Yeah. I. Outlet that ace. Courts usually got the right Malia aren't you backed the. It he's. A box and ports. It bad and it is so OJ note they have about what it slowly still accept you and says did you check the box on the porch and OK listen I hate Czech Danish anti semi issues. It's easy to please check the boxes on the porch. Don't listen there are got a OK okay what it sound check but it can't box fatal heart. Swing and hole. Yeah. Yeah. And this. Can loan and you know damn box him out so I'll look that won't house if you won't person at all. And so I don't know maybe they must torched tackle and I. I he's a box under the ports. Are you didn't. Are you kidding me with this bit Christians. This is an old DeSoto number you know so well that you just notebook or added they don't have an sold. Maybe it makes it would actually just about quote I. I can tell by determine if you voice date it has not arrived yet. The box it's a box and the points. Listen to be in the last little. Sound they got actually my porch at old April and actually my porch I it and if they didn't absorb what I look at if you want. Thomas and Sony says it fired I can't let it go out you understand me. It'd just checked army is a box on a porch. You know you know let you know I've got yeah looks that way. That's Holy See oh you did it go see about is rated. Rated you know what I gonna say. Scapegoat. I just took place in the box. What have you read that you. You come ticked that I took some pitches barks that was my ports you ready you that it can be just back from a radio wave sleep yeah. Morning I'm supposed to lead this Boxee to be on your porch is okay is that right. Yeah.