Phone Scam the cheap grad gift

Friday, June 2nd

What's the only thing worse than showing up to someone's graduation party with a cheap gift? How about when the grad's DAD calls you to BUST you on it?


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Recorded it's being carefully answering that call eight couldn't eat another Zealand's. I don't know. Yeah highs as Brian. Yeah it is. This is Steve. And he has value over a house very graduation party. Oh yes hey yeah what triggered. It's been going through all the gifts that were left here for the graduation for hand and I mean just give you a quick call here. Oh all right well not from you get a great on. Are you cannot write. Well OK so I'd say that was right and I II and try to make sure that Starbucks did make a mistake or. Warm. I'm not sure what you what you mean. Well I I I resist checking act I thought maybe you would put a hundred dollars on the air and they made a mistake but that. I guess you'd attend now. I was just making sure wasn't just acres. Well I'm I'm I'm sorry Steve you don't think that was enough. I looked at that's not really from media decide I mean if she just can't work your whole life. I started she could in school to graduate with honors and down. And then now well look at least she's got a a cup of coffee. Yeah well that you know what that's what got teacher college. OK anyway it was a it was a nice party we enjoyed it. Thank you. I mean it was pretty obvious he enjoyed it and eat. And you went through the buff a couple times. Oh I've I'm I'm sorry I didn't know you were keeping track. Here is kinda hard not TO you know I mean an end you know. Pasta salad is it it isn't furry. Look she I'm not sure what you're getting at here IQ. Did he want to say something to meet. If you do that then please say it. I'm curious is your son graduating yet. So much on the junior graduate next year what are have to do with him. I see I got you okay well you know what we're really looking voiding his graduation party and Jesse you know. There may be some re gifting involved in that. Look I don't know what you're talking about here youth through a party I chain with my family we enjoyed ourselves. That's staff. Well you know maybe next year you'll feel differently with your kid graduating sell but but for me personally I mean. The way I see it back out about 85 dollars in the hole so. We. No I I don't need to speed it if you want me or write you a check for 85 blocks. And that would make you feel good about your little party. I'll do it all right if you call what you through there a party. I just. Do you know what this sounds more like an advantage that you're required to body in Q. Not parties for inaugural graduating high school and it is more I 85 dollar check will make you feel like you've got you're. You're return on investment. Then try it out what you were checked for 85 dollars but I really don't have confidence. You know actually what Hannah really haunts his issuance in the C Florida Georgia line in in August cell. You know if you could make that check for like a 150. To cover a couple of tickets that would that would be you know I'll be awesome. I applied. Are are you seriously asking me dish. Asking you like that that's how your daughter is preparing for life by going with friends two of what a hillbilly concert if you want me tapered back. You'd you'd think that's a good life lesson for a for a girl that's graduating high school or a concert. I thought you wanted to upgrade your your gift but apparently. You know what you know like she's fine with a cup of coffee that's that's not the reason I called is because your wife was quite upset with your gift. We're live up my wife. Are you talking to my wife. Well actually I have I mean that that's that's why we called media because she'd set you up for a phone scam. What. This is actually this morning zoo radio show you're on the air right now you're on the phone scam. All right radio boy I don't need this body.