Phone Scam: the Corvette Accident

Friday, August 3rd

This Corvette owner was NOT happy when he learned his son had TOTALLED his car while doing the "In My Feelings" challenge...

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And really good golf may be recorded here. Should be carefully answering that call include. I can basically Kevin and please. Kevin this issue on Mendez from and insurance I'm calling about your card you have a few minutes it's important. Well among vacation actually so with the likes. Super important. Actually your wife want a media call you com. So there's been a bit of an accident with neat cortex. Yeah I mean ask me call you I guess your son was involved in a minor accident with the Corvette but he's. Absolutely okay not a scratch on him. OK okay if you know right now that it. I am afraid now I'm afraid I'm not I know your normal agent is bills the correct. Okay when he's on vacation this week like you so I'd handling all his accounts. Alleges that backed up exactly so what exactly happened the car. So I guess. Jeremy know that your son. As I guess he took the car route and he was filming himself doing that in my feelings Jalen three hop out of the car while it's moving Nissan dance scene. And while he was out of the car again it's sort of rolled down a ravine and flipped over a few times. Talk white and well actually I'm they're both with the police right now filling out the report said they probably won't answer if you call that slightly Intel media called PO I just got off the phone with hair. So explained that it would happen OK so Jeremy was doing the in my feeling challenged in the car. While it was movie. What does that mean I know Betty what is that. OK so you know he's getting that's on Kiki Dee you love me are you writing seal never ever leave from beside me. Hey so what. Will then it goes 'cause I want Jack and I need Jan and down I I I'm not sure about it. No no idiot I don't mean that I mean what happened next the car not the. So old so I guess who's filming himself and he was walking next to the car but it was still running and it sort of got a weak front and and that's when it went over the edge of the ravine. Yeah. Let me demonstrate. My son looks building themselves drive big Mike court that would sides but should agree whole engine not to touch any political adored and regain. Yes but you know I always say cases like this the important thing is that nobody start. Imported all. Told. I. This it. And I know how you feel I remember a few years ago my son. Was during a football around with his friends and one of them put a little being are in the side of my Plymouth Voyager minivan let me tell you I was not a. That's. A journalist who went on deck hitter playing soccer mom mini bet it is exactly the same as going a seven week low dollar. And ready at the bottom of the and. I'm looking at your coverage here I and it. It looks like some of the damage is covered. No no no number and Canada all of it so because I hate all done that. The. Right but but full coverage is for things like collision damaged image from that are any costs incurred. I get an accident. What we called it in into the act and. In this case it's kind of debatable because what he was doing was on purpose not on accidents. No I don't know well now that the but it did at the decoder. Yeah I'm not really sure to be honest. I have the police report and there's a list of things that did he can salvage. Oh recover from your car I need to know if you wanna keep any of these things okay so I'm a peace we have the left headlight. Did you like keep the left headlight. I like. That on now I'm okay this steering wheel which is the fund souvenir rightly lets you always have a tough road. Would that be like if beat the heck yeah on this thing you know I've been on June. Let me paint a picture I would like that Clark I hit every act but what are the old and that car. I don't know he is a bit and Michael idol can take a look a whole complete prepared. Right to stop trying to give me peak but are they tell and bird in regard to going to sit. Okay well it's to be it's gonna kinda hard to do that because like right now it's at the bottom of her dean. And lower electrical. What do you need from me at that time. I just need to let you know that we're taking care of everything don't worry. Opt out also that none of this is real. Because this is actually busy mornings you race gets a hug you little floor and you just got a phone scams. Or are you kidding are you can find out what. And Rosie. So I kept your wife. Does the skin she told us how you feel about retiring due this. Yeah not yet all want to know it is not what not one.