Phone Scam: the Dirty Grandma

Friday, April 6th

This poor satellite TV service man got more than he bargained for when he received a complaint from the DIRTIEST GRANDMA in the 757...


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Annually this holiday recorded I. Be careful and answering that call include. Thank you for calling. Service that Doug your bird and lap main bodies. Yes it's clear that it's stuffy air. Hey glad it and what seems to trouble which are. I'm try Angel liked him and he can't won't come on. OK what what did they it will calm on argue. But French your television or ignored DirecTV certain. Now now aging it's just how. I act and waxing the price is anything like crying and then add this to watch a movie but it come on the ID. It's easy. OK okay select oldest and basically do go back and so your television is on Iraq. Great is there any kind of message on the screen at all. Earned. And without action movie have to. I need not each and balanced I should be able to. OK okay argue a lecture at all the movie. And no DNC's. Chris. But I'm. Not to be no. Cute three EU. SDP yeah. And and cool I just not this movie and you're asking. I want cheap but you kinda trying to tried to triple light. OK okay well agreed I have a in addition it will be channeled the UK border all the channel on the man who keeps. And these goodies that haven't come to those channels so you do have the actor could boast that the big movies. I'm cool currently. You know what you're currently trying to watch an on demand movie. And you know I just. I can tell. OK okay opening. What we try to watch what it ball. It's call and spring. Eternal. Our. Cold quiet. Screen actors. Child. Okay well I don't. Think I might beyond what it all channel right now. Keen to. Lead up but when I mean why. I'm like that's that's like. Yeah. And. So but I think about those of you you have a court to why expect kind of belt it. It's kind of a hate her you are high yield and lets you subscribe to chapel it's. On. Do you eat it I would see some bad news second. Yeah that would. Mr. hope works. Not you tax tax stamp being asked to let. Well beyond our our program on your out of that each adult I'm like are are gonna match or showtime. You can watch soaps absolutely free expect I'm pretty sure it DJ the grave. The movie could issued a great about HBO and. Just. Eat it and not you think he. And. Yeah yeah. And he's feature people aides dealing. I people. I since when is he. Dealing you know. Yeah yeah I don't know. I don't know what kind of on. And and movies. Not. I'm an old people doing it. I wish. I I need and I'm not I'm not really sure. On. Economic tiger's tee and you tell me if any of these Pavel deeper. Current TM line kind. To invade and time he and con so Raleigh T and paying. It's kind and nice I'm saying. Oh Steve and I can't find it on email. Glad to get you know I I don't think any of those are getting so I don't know any. I don't even know. I'm pretty sure it couldn't tell it what in any of these movies about. Like I added if you really wanna watch that up you have the option of doing paper due or subscribe to that particular network I just don't know what all that. England and I PMI a stinging then the exchange asked if he sandbags. Don't. I'm an HI don't think she and I think it's this movie content and add content that coming nine that sounds from making. So if anything else I can help you today. Not unless you want to have mom and watch some of these movies and I mean. Idol sacred Ottawa. Doesn't that make it more fun when you break and balloons. Yelled at am thank you so much that you he'd be. You did and be impressed if you want it out and you need tents.