Phone Scam: The Erotic Yoga Studio

Friday, June 1st

The Zoo phone scams their own sales department, trying to get an "erotic yoga studio" to perform at this year's Shaggfest...

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I am going yeah they are recorded and be careful and answering that call include. Is there. I and unity in Albion and that's why some big hits every. Please. One moment. I. It up. Today I I would like to promote my business I chill out coming shag and tries to events if possible. Yeah finish that fast I like to promote my business then. My name. Sure it's in the Orioles. And its stock symbols. I yes. Now with this play what we usually do is we try to pretend. But old sold out pretty lodge Mac in front of that and so that we can do you don't performances. Well. Did you know. I'm so oriented anyway itemize the whole conference time I bet. I I. They did not know. Yeah Roddick yelled that's all. Basically it's a version of yoga that's Berry's sexy wolf that anybody can do what I mean. These seven years old and I'm actually an instructor. Okay and it appeared. Just one pegged at about 12. It's. Yeah. It's okay. From. I can't side that that you guys they're so I was just over here censoring might see OK so. That you didn't like you would get a spotlight know what exactly would you be doing in your area that we assign. Basically we felt attacked we have now. Now some brochures about our studio many of them have partial or full nudity a member you know it's just such as the fight enemy did nudity. Oh okay well odd week. You can assure that could it is going to be many events. So what we do is we set up a large Matt in front of my ten. And I basically go through some of the opposes an exit slices of erotic yelled god. This also involves nudity but it would be need this time and at one point I would incorporate my teaching plot Deborah no hard. Oh OK again. This is really don't. I don't know the whole situation did need to be able to work. Yeah very tasteful actually does the nudity thing goes I it'll do what class what I'm wearing like I have to talk if that helps. What what. Are well actually it's hard OK but it's cut in half felt like my job polls that come mud but I. Have to be bottomless it's important to one of my opposes it. OK again. So again and that might had sent the problem that we aren't gonna have children at this time I. Well thinking it. And now that's not a problem we bring you both loans. In fact I do that's what trick I blow up a balloon without even using my mouth. I had a. Okay yeah I know I'm. So much for calling but I really don't think that the event is going to be a good fit you know good how are you sure. Having maybe you should talk to Joseph folks he's one of my special students. Oh yeah I'm. She's my best and he actually asked me to teach him the balloon tract but it's much much a lot of the boys to do I'd sell. OK I. May be okay match I guess what did the tank and then maybe symbol loans backed. And you know that the performance because of them without did you eat because that really probably. OK so just attacked. And the balloons and you said you don't mind if I do the balloon trek right does it again I'd have to be bottomless of that. Now let Scott know let's not get the balloon like let's just stick to. A simple and again there are kids end and they do a do you meeting people and they wanna come to find out more about your studio show. Really want. Well I mean without the performance it doesn't really give you an idea of what I Jill. Cannot bring him like a video of what we do in the class. Well that attempted to nudity in the video. Asked how is it yeah and now and now. What do you think about it then I'm not quite the way you sound very tense have you. Have you ever try demonic yoga the full. No not really the maybe I'm just so bad that comes. I'm sure like to ask you this show you will not go backwards bending banana pie. Oh okay I'll be sure it didn't add thanks so much apologies now. Obama by 80.