Phone Scam: The Fit Bit

Friday, January 5th

Listen to this woman's reaction when the Zoo convinces her that the Fit Bit she got for Christmas has a hidden camera in it that has been recording her every move...


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Her family this holiday prerecorded. Should be carefully answering that call include. Loans can. I would guess is as Walter White I'm calling from fit the technical support me speak to Catherine please. Kathy your husband email message you're having some trouble with your fit bits. Yes. Or no problems so what seems to be the trouble. Well eye opener not on Monday night just sort you know war in Iraq how as you know Jed Connelly and that current que de. LA. Actually Ericsson wanted to be status of what went back. I get you know more accurate count of how many stats and shaking and regular workday. So once you reached at Eric. And somehow I think I turned it option and try to figure out how to turn it back on now. OK so it's not on right now. OK and usage shut down new wind turned back on. All okay at any point you remember getting it wet at all. You cannot thank you and they've got now. Okay he would accidentally take a shower with an on a lot of our customers do that by accident. Now I can conduct a that's what happens our. OK well let's just take a look here at the last time. You had it armed and see what may be Collins then sit tight I'm gonna pull up the video. From the last day you were wearing it. I. K. OK so on scene house I'm seen as a brown dog. OK everything looks pretty good here well even you have a nice kitchen. I see what. This is the archive video from the last either you or your feet. Okay but how are you. Oh we see everything it's it's the camera in your thinkpad cell. Well. I absolutely. OK I'm looking at you. In your room here asking a second. This might be right before you guys mesh our this'll help figure out if you took a shower with that are known or not. So I'm. What what what exactly are our scheme. Com I'm assuming what I'm looking at right now is she ill you're in your bedroom I'm guessing you have an purple brawn you are a very pretty lady by the way. We are African art are you watching me under wraps. He didn't undress right now. Don't know I don't know why I can't see anything right now you're fit Peterson on. Well when it are. Already weakened yeah we can easy basically everything line. Your talent pool. That dairy camera. On the next thing you know everything and I'm wearing. Who who yeah I asked how do you think we keep track of all those steps you're taking. It went by my heart and here are some things I do you look when I was lucky this. No word good or not that good they'll a monitor like me sits here and they want to GO and then we press a button every ten digs that. Do. We ought. Yet we keep track of all of that you walk reminded how often you exercise halt to any UV engaging in physical activity. By the way I thought for sure speaking of that that you when your husband I thought were totally gonna do it while you're watching football on Monday night I was. Ultimately I can't believe this I can't not believe that someone just sits there and it. It's it's pretty much what you signed up for when you bought it. A big it would give any epic. But you can you can explain something to me how. Would what you're doing and are you recall. I mean all you you you volunteer to Wear it and he's not likely strapped it to your wrist in mead you turn it all right you know. That means that that you know clear Indian distraction doesn't say. About Barack. Well if you read on the bottom of the back page in teeny tiny print it's fair honest I don't know what's your read about like I think your good looking woman for your age I was. I was even showing my friends that adult intensity have right above your behind we were talking about trans stamps when they now is like commit you got you gotta see this. You mean not now there is no way to what you're doing it in legal okay I'm calling lawyer. At. Yeah not that he okay. And let my hair and destruction. Irony when you are. Right. Right and and and don't forget I'm also watching you when you get undressed. I can't believe I'm not. At. Well I think the reason that we're so nonchalant. Is that. None of this is real. I. Kathy this is actually does he want to really show you just got hold scam. But yeah. I've chosen your husband gave it asks us to do at all. How we knew about your dog and your adult content you and your broad color in. And it.