Phone Scam the Football Package

Friday, October 20th

Wouldn't it be GREAT if you could just CANCEL the football package you paid HUNDREDS for if your team ended up stinking? Well you CAN'T, and this customer is about to learn that lesson the HARD WAY...


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I am going this may be recorded. Be careful and answering that call include. Hi Christie to run and please. Rod this issue on Mendez and gone to. TV idea how are you. Do it great so this to be an email from your wife of what you guys want to cancel the NFL package is that right. Yeah. I'd. Yes sure we can do that I mean we want you to be happy after all so what do they do. As a mini connected to our automated user system which is gonna ask you to basically answer some questions as to why you want to cancel the package okay. Also on its gonna. Ask Peter repeats and commands a couple times and the reason is doing that is to make sure your actual human being requesting a service and not a random computer program or. Hacker trying to steal information okay. He adds is it's kinda like when you buy tickets online yet that's been a little codes and you know you're not a robot. Yeah I've got to bet that is just crazy that do that no. Here technology I. So hey candidates and the system questions and then at the end they should be able determining the package for you okay. Oh OK okay great common procedure. Alone and thank you for using the automated programming adjustment system what is your name. Oh. Thank you and public service are we providing for you today you can use phrases like can't HBO or cancel some time Aurora journalists labeling network channels. Peace and many say auto mall Playboy today. Thank you can't know and let's label. And who do you want to learn to nine. I'm down on our kids that can't today. I'm sorry what would you like to cancel. Can't say the Playboy channel. OK is there anything else I can do for you today. Yes can't can't sit NSA OPEC. OK in order to proceed I need you to repeat the following consideration current. X 49 XYQ 56 PCD 8097. Please repeat that cone now. Wait well web app archaic and Colbert did Derek. I'm sorry that cone you repeat it is not correct. You the different form of validation. Oh can he please indicate that he learned real person I'm repeating this and. Please and he mentioned it. I'm sorry I couldn't he can't very well please try again. Let. There too. I'm sorry I couldn't you can't very well please try again. It went up and it. My team. Thank you cancellation confirmed is there anything else I can do for you today. It. OK and sillier you subscription to Playboy channel and don't forget to take our customers say they finally the direct TV dot com. Cancer that cancer that. I'm. Sick and so I actually. And at the end of Phil package has now been newly installed in Chile subscription to the NFL and played Billy channel and do you take. Customer survey online and TV dot com. Know you May Day. Thank you talked to operate. Out. Lexington channeling time didn't seven smooth R&B selection smooth operator by every day you need to. Jesus. I. And. Switching to Channel 8 154. Or classic rock selection panel on The Beatles and. Yeah. A good afternoon I think it's going to be the easy shot help me help you. Today data is gone. His column because I went to cancer my and that they'll packaged. It is and you know the need to put your account here. Okay still okay so see you put the NFL back line if you discovered are completely channels nice. All now all we don't know I didn't do that managed to get it can do that put me on that would that all of my. Casey could using the computer ordered the Playboy channel. Yeah MM mistake I would I would try can't support Obama and audit that is days. Okay well computer wouldn't be able to just over her Playboy on its own enemy would have to be told to do that so I. I I didn't do that what sort that would do that man on that night. There's obviously there's no reason to be embarrassed to some quality programming network. Man I'm so idiot men I know today and he. Right is because the computer. Florida and it. And I don't be Smart way as many destructive then Playboy channel man. And dropped the football and ash bash our outlook and. Okay no problem hang on 12 okay. It don't you. Hello and thank you for using VoIP and I can then don't listen system what is your name. I and.