Phone Scam: Freeform Network

Friday, May 18th

The Zoo calls the Freeform TV Network with just a few "complaints"...

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I am going to probably be recorded and be careful and answering that call he couldn't eat another busy doing. Or is there. Thank you to call in the audience information department for ABC television network reform. Didn't channel it the XT this was junior Radio Disney and Disney announced that ABC television network's press one. For reform pressed to. If people are coming into your car. To a duke got a complete. Complaint in regards to thumping your partner network yeah. It's. Speak to is in charge over the I didn't have words with them at mile Maureen. Is the eighth big bottom. Attempt please. Okay about what. Well tomorrow I was watching your channels here they. And what did you complaint. Lettuce seed that gets you to chase. Don't mind it do you load UPD dvd unapproved preempt sit there DC two men teasing each other. Okay well if you don't agree that the content of their favorite shows I mean I suggest you watch and announce we have a full cleanup programs with a variety of audiences. Charlotte NC TV show all yeah I did it watching Reba and did what comes. I'm knicks. Guard got and it is jury. Sir that schedule accommodate our audience that likes to bend like a certain show. Like. These. It means he watched several episodes of the show in a row to catch up they call had been watching. Let me know your stupid freed his. And I Cheney. Years old. Spent most of my day what gin up for the and. OK so all that you down that you like to shorten some of our episode marathon is there anything else. You don't usually do is turn it around now he did it I miss it took me a guy to double. Oh. Well nobody in. The heat we don't show footballer networks so. And people who do right now and Luke cage. Now if you are already sick. Arnold. Is it just it is right now. Hairy. You don't want to hear you retired and that pattern or either okay I'll only gonna get a few more years. Oh yeah there's one. It's pretty aren't so did. You think he's zero o'clock. And not the heat up yeah. Jeopardy into our network leader and Bennett a our girls brought that on. Yes Gilmore girl and our network okay yeah I want to kill the mama and catch your old she's an. Oh it's great to drag this music on your porch every copy what did your late Fred I saw that. Okay it seemed like a stick held a mom until world is. You show us our. OK anything else. I know I seeds are now. OK so I had shorter marathon no more replayed some quality UNC original. Host of the price is right he'd like jeopardy be on earlier and he like get to kill the mom until my role is I'm. Do you. OK well looking at right to work on that sir and I think people calling and they even watching preformed. Hello. That's the name of the network we used to be ABC can't and we changed it how it was teased each year old.