Phone Scam: Go Fund My Dead Grandma

Friday, April 13th

How does a guy who HATES Go Fund Me accounts feel about being bothered at work because he never contributed to one?


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Yeah I really can't be recorded. And be careful and answering that call he couldn't eat another busy doing. Or is there. Don and restrictive. And place. Bob. Richards how the hell aria. It. Not so good as you might have heard my Graham had just died recently in cell right now were kind of busy making plans for her burial. I I'm sorry did that. What I was to look and I do. Well I. We're FaceBook friends to your wife Cindy and I was just wondering why having contributed anything to my bill funding account. I mean we put the post up over a week ago and we received the support but we haven't heard anything from you yet now is wondering why. I would. Richards. A guy like selling your FaceBook posts about the Eagles. Are. Lol okay yeah. Well I haven't I have a country that allowed Clinton's attitude to you by your grammar I'm Terry. Problems not a she think you want to donate. I'm sorry don't rely. Welcome time for Michael fund me it's called my grandma died snuggle funding. OK. So. Well where what are you what are you that from people. Mostly I mean I funerals they cheat and I'm not trying to dump her body in the river anything's zone. I listen com. And I let. I don't get it get old and later I'm kind of network Granada had a few concerts where it. Yeah not a probably impact how get a holding you later and then you can tell me how much you wanna donate sound okay take care. This don't go out and out today. Well yeah. Richards we talked earlier about my grandma which as you know she is Steele did. So I know we had some time to think it over someone asking about that bill funding donation. Okay well what is money going. Well it's a border funeral like I said. OK I don't know I don't have my street opens I can't see any of that information right now. Well I mean it's my grandma she's dead. I don't know what more info you need and that honestly. Yes I I did that and I'm a little sorry. It's it's just that I got a run on that our ally I mean she's going to and a lot of money issue now. Now what controls the old her strength Zach did I get it I can't tell you what. I'll cut it back a little bit and you can tell me how much you wanna donate. If you've well you don't you don't have to do that. Thanks for calling discount tire how can I help you. Desperate to Bob place. When I. So you. Knack at calling. Yet on the customer I got a question. And it. Oh. Richards did drama so let's talk about this bill funny real quick note. I. I cannot in each economy over our network I'm really sorry that you're gonna die but I don't have. Are right. Oh well excuse me mister Scrooge sorry my dad grandma isn't worth your time right now. That's not what I need I'm Judd at work. In all those posts you've put about the Eagles win the Super Bowl and all that I didn't really have time to like all those posts. One idea Ed you don't lie because that's what friends do they support each other. Okay that's about how are we even. Like I didn't know I don't even know each. Well we're friends and a little thing called FaceBook. I shared the most intimate details of my personal live with few black my grainy taken that dirt nap so yeah. Actually pretty good hands are. Okay yeah but I don't think that make it okay for you to act people the money you know I mean my grammar guide you to get ya they look at her stringent money. I don't know you'd get the right. Anyplace much it's. If I did do that I can tell you who would give you some and his name is Edward Cleo Chris Richards the man you're talking to right now. And you're missing my point I don't think it's right at people per stop. You don't you know what my iPod and I thought that help you ideologues. I bucks yeah sure that help maybe if we bury my grandma and old refrigerator box and use some duct tape to hold it Shiite. I mean I'm sure the worms won't get to work for at least a couple of days. Would want. Two things. I want you to know though that your coworkers to figure out for a phone scam and that this is actually busy morning zeal on Z 104. Well look at guys got to. I've my. I'm Societe you can blame your coworkers and this would then went to Athens to do it. Guys are and.