Phone Scam the Holiday Lights Tax

Friday, December 1st

You know that neighbor who thinks putting up holiday lights on his house is some sort of COMPETITION? Well wait until he finds out he's PAYING TAXES on all those lights...


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Recorded it's time be careful and answering that call eight couldn't eat another easy points. Good morning I'm trying to Ricci Roberts and these. Just got to look at it. Will mr. And my name is Dick Button and I'm calling from the city of Chesapeake permits this but the reason I'm calling is because we never received an application for a festive light permit from you and they understand you have quite disagree going on over at your house. You're calling from where. I'm going to be having this city permits this did you file a festive like her meet with us this year. Well something happened yeah. And years to put polity lights you're required to submit a festive light permit request with a dozen pillows to be charged a high quality face dvd tech. And I can tell by your reaction you know about any of this are certain so I would. OK so beginning this year all holiday light displays have to be inspected by someone from the CD so that they can be certified and tax. Actually. So I can now look at the even money. He's corrects. It's a lot it's a small feeding collude. The cost of fighting for your part eight. OK so let me see I get this straight I have to take taxes out at Christmas lights in my own house that I already paid taxes on. Yes that's correct did you happen to vote in this November's past election. And I keep his business proposition. Actually go to on this site. ES in the streets you know. I'm not going to be. A lot actually and this is these big east and how. How many lights are on your house so that person who may be just puts a small key into in the window isn't taxes which is someone who as a whole rule of lights on the roof. So how much it just. It's based on the number of lights you haven't you know how many lights are in your display. How many lights. I don't know. I don't know what it was like six or seven different kinds. I'll keep it how many actual lights. Nobody screamed right no actual rights to think of how many actual bulbs are lit up because the feed is two dollars per bulb. Scoop the you need to strobe lights and it's. You'll need two dollars per bulb so it lets you have a hundred bulbs that you displayed you would always 200 dollars in this TV text. About god yeah that right now. Any of them bleaker DDD link on in on. Our own people for those it's only one dollar above sincerely I have to time. Understand how you can tax something I decided Dubai would have what you're trying to make people feel good about the holidays manner and I don't understand this. I mean we sweep the streets in your neighborhood and pick up your garbage to make you feel good that is to have to pay taxes for that stuff. So they don't know. The guy down the street from you took up all this crap on the council Halloween is he gonna have to pay taxes on that. Well no because of how the the green is considered highly of religious expression. I think Christmas the first. And second then your sink into a religious holidays. According to the city know it's night's. I. Didn't need man. So they just Chrysler supposedly boarded not a religious holiday. Christmas isn't really about that easy I mean tell you about cynical us. It. Decision. Not happening this stupid actually. You got the city wants you can't believe you don't think Christmas is the religious holidays. State your point about Jesus and that whole media story that maybe it's time to purchase Sunday school books away and grow up a little right. Do you think you're talking to step up. Don't believe that didn't achieve this being born of the major and that's exactly I'll sit you don't celebrate. All okay so it's so I guess that Rudolph and frosty this. And where there in the Manger when Jesus was born GO you'd like I said. Grew up. You are but this economic down here to come out and moving these lights it's not happening. I'm afraid if you don't pay your tax that's exactly what's happening I'll come down they're like the grinch who unlike your Jesus. Is a real Christmas character and then how can steal everything off your how. I'm. Continue to try to police permit preparation architecture wanted to fight is just one element. What's up everywhere with a mill gun and I can't wait to show you how good my aim is with this thing. I tell you what I'll be over tonight and before I did get one Judy knows something. This isn't really this and he permits all of this isn't actually busy morning zoo radio show and you just got phone scam. I tell them up. A member and district of British and that your neighbor John from across the street wanted to pray keys so you you have him to thank for this. I hope I'm I was talking over right now this can't be right yeah yeah you tell me then I'll let it. I was about this election I want to that would occasion dear my nailed on C.