Phone Scam: The Illegal Fireworks

Friday, July 13th

This poor guy actually thought he could get illegal fireworks from the Z Morning Zoo. I think all he "got" was paranoia...

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And oh yeah they are recorded. Be careful answering that call include. Owns gas. Yet today speak to jolt please. Yet this is led teams but he might keep told me you where I'm looking for some boom boom. I would. Are you just. My name is Mike's team told me to call you could you would look at to put down a little more bang Nina fourth of July party this year. Oh. God yes I am the fireworks guy so what what can I help you with. Well OK so we're going to wake up next weekend. We go every year and down I wanted to get a sudden you know despite. You know bigger than the Celtics on the sports. OK see you want the illegal stuff is what you say and. Yeah I guess. You know my kids are getting older used you know the whole load I would sit you know stick in the ground lighted circuit and a born. Okay well I can definitely help you would get sued jewel what is your last name. Are. OK it's just to clarify one more time just so I'm hearing you could read you jewel McConnell. Would like Detroit she's illegal fireworks for me. I'd just what you know something that's better than of they lived similar ordinance usually get. OK so the illegals death. All. Right yes I mean I don't know. You're the expert. Okay well I can definitely help the I got under bombs black cats and eighties bottle rockets Roman candles I got still ended tubes from China Japan Korea I got all that stuff. Yeah yeah you get that. Out. OK so the illegal stuff. Yes yeah I don't know at socially and yes it is you still wanna buys on. Although she. Sure. Yeah actually. Rookie due dazed then. Oh. OK so where do you want to meet me when I'm so it was sort. Who is like. All. You get. I know I did yes I was at the I drive through I was ordering lunch Seoul where should we need Dan. I mean. Do do we have to meet and I just you know it gets and the money Mi Kim Jennifer you. No no no I I usually only works directly with customers so you can see kind of what I have. Out that he may really suits meets a way that you bring them money I'll bring a bunch of stuff how is midnight free you. Midnight. You don't usually in bed by midnight it looked pretty early so. Yeah see if you line. And no. No that's that's OK I told you sure can just give him the money good him. I got up. You don't actually acting out just call you back or something and then we can figure out a place to me. Wait wait wait wait what was good that was again and she's hit rapid and I. Am I being recorded right now. No idea what you are talking about. CA because you know just a good record. I never said short I was gonna Bonnie continue or not. What you saw it did actually I was like I was like I usually one abiding illegal fireworks you like. Absolutely. No no I never had anything like that. Word you re oh yeah as I did not. You've cops. Know. And this. We get back to what kind of fireworks that you won a time. OK you know. And someday you're not. Can you write about it yeah. Sadly. I don't. Yeah OK okay I'm saying right now I do not let anything from you I don't intend to do what you okay. Back. Patient. Needs even know you're in the DC and get. To know that. Again I do not want to bring some UK. Okay.