Phone Scam the job reference

Friday, April 28th

Have you ever been called because somebody put you down as a reference for a job? I bet they never asked questions like THESE...


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Blow. Yes good morning Colin for a Palma. Seats. Oh they've called my name is the my Kendrick had gone from the mayor take industries and no one of applicants and adamant and that you down as a reference Tino Adam. Yes I do all right Andy have some time to answer a few questions about Adam. All right still first of all how long have you known Adam. I've known them since I schools certain you know ten years. And would you say he's overall a responsible person. Yes absolutely a team player trust with a seven you can take charge of things. Oh yes. All right and know what kind of Dresser would you say he has. Sorry. What. Dress it they can see sharp Dresser or disease soda lady's fashion slide a little. Don't know him telling me you shut Dresser I mean. You know what Encino but it was toxic you can put something decent clothes. Old red and how attractive you see here is on the scale of one to ten. Sure there are certain. Looked like an eight you know. He he takes to grow them barely see you there are good so. Is that really a question. Well we're just trying to get you know let him do his references. Now you said Adam his trust with the correct. Yes have you ever witnessed him break in the law. 00 all right and if you were to break enough would you help him covered up. Order Opel Cutler. Woody and me. Well if you heard let's see rob a bank or maybe become involved in all education in accidentally kill a man perhaps by choking him is that something you would help him get away with. I can't believe this is quite well under question great. Are you serious about it well which is trying to get a read on how he's dead and that's well well well I could say that she would rather bank. Murder anybody's settled yet but. Old wreck now would you describe him as outgoing. Yes yes it would all right and what do you think he hates people so much. What are you. Certainly hates people so much why is that. Oh you. He doesn't that who what why do you think she would hate people. All right and have you ever worked with Adam or heaven is a teammate on a sports team. I'd worked with the men and Adam as a teammate so votes. Okay and how well did he work with others. Amazingly well. He doesn't hate people. And I don't know why you would think if you would be. Are you what do you attribute Gator. All right and what kinds of drugs is enemy into them. And Robert JC a drug user. No no actually know so he's never take Ibuprofen innovative talent all those tonight queer here and and. Oh well I think yeah he's the I think emit light trucks trucks. I mean yeah I've AG do you reject etiquette YouTube. Kim all right so I just put down drug use. No doubt. No no no no no no substance though that drug user. When you say that it's gonna make people think he uses light trucks. All right I'll just put down does now prefer real drugs now with a number of times you've seen Adam what percentage of those who is he being nude. You. Know nude like without any clues on. There. Oh wait it's. It will hasn't told you my name is LaMont kindred some call and about and I'm. Yep but no no no there's no way you have scratched at Smith got to be a coincidence. Well this is fake Paul this is busy morning zero an had a one instant hit opponents Danielle this morning. Good fit. Fukuda if you ask with the murder him and those like no he whatever. Well you know it's an important question you could definitely effect and employment here. Yeah I won't go higher query record producer or a. 7-Eleven for that fast get your choice of any team Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola or spreading to leader for 129. Pepper.