Phone Scam the Lonely Moviegoer

Friday, September 22nd

I doubt poor Carrie will ever go to the movies alone again, after this Phone Scam was pulled on her...


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Are recorded. Be careful and answering that call include. Owners can. Yeah. Though I'm going to speak to carry these. High Cary mining is a button and manager over at me its theaters. It was on your credit card receipt. Weird. I guess it is on anyway I'm just calling to tell you about a group we have here at the theater that you might be interested. Great up. She had what at. First of all I want you know day EE EE. It's okay. Yeah. Groupies called the hammer and program PA and aides to insular people attending movies alone and we really it's a support group for the only people like yourself. Who enjoy movies and I want you to know that it's okay. You know I don't know I don't I don't go to and I. So here's the thing I was actually here next week and we knew we deceive the Reese Witherspoon movie home again about yourself. I can not and I am but that is that not albums that ever happen. Is that it is more and I don't think her happy and I'm I'm sorry I appreciate you calling it is that they eat. I guess you'd had a lot Ed Ed meetings that we have and you know you might really enjoy this group I mean we meet on Sunday afternoons that the heater. We see a movie together and nobody has to go alone. We even go out to eat disgusted after the movie's over there. I have I appreciate that I thought I heart I actually have a lot of our. They were a little bit. So that's only. I wanted to keep them to be one of the round but hey I never think it can come and again a lot about that whenever. Well yeah. We hear that allowed in during the meeting as well the group now we have a little saying that we like to use in the beginning of each meeting that we have case here we did. And he's. Sort. Okay starts practice. I like to go to the movies. He say that with me. He. A do you do it. And sometimes they too go to the movies alone. Right right urged. I really appreciate that IQ do you like it would be like that her mom. A lot of it is on that one particular and I each and every I'm gonna come. Again you see it and you eat and they say they don't need credit grew up I can get under and I really I. Can't. But I don't think it Bennett an anxious and. Okay it sounds like Simmons had a little keys to do now can you just humor me here. Yeah OK so the group meets Sunday after news. Did anyone know they are calling me right now. And we'll probably know. So let's get this this thing is I like to go to the movies. I like it or 08. And sometimes they go to the movies alone. Once one time election Ilan yeah. It's due to see. And I. Are okay. Cookies that I can tell you I'm comfortable with this articulate forget about the theater group the next time you're coming in alone and I'm sure it can happen. Just ask for me at the calendar Dick Button and I'll come sit with you maybe not for the whole movie but at least until the lights go down. It won't be at the very and I come and eat. You mean friends say Prejean. You know. We are because she's an email this is that you up for the easy mornings he comes again that you're on right now. Oh my god almighty god almighty god. Oh my god I'm remove people missing green oh yeah. Right now it's. Remember that all my pocket who can guarantee I don't think she won't.