Phone Scam The Loose Snakes

Friday, September 8th

If you have a fear of snakes like Donna does, you'll understand why she sounds so scared!!


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Recorded. And be careful and answering that call include. Is there. The bottom out there yet just victim police. Am I can't actually on vacation and I and I watched. I can't you tell him that butch from reliable pass removal called and it's it is definitely a vipers nest you got your building. I mean as you get one of home but there's going to be at least four or five more somewhere in the building. In this is butch. Yeah yeah. Opera reliable pest removal might actually become a look around last night and see what was crawling through your rants and now from the bar. Bird's nest so you're looking at usually 78 snakes per Nantz not managed to get one moment it was dark so Reza probably hide somewhere. The car so facility you're talking about the car now year. Seven mistakes and that belt that. You what you got is a North American vipers nest team really so where are they. Well most likely in the ventilation system. But are they stay in their very long I mean they'll come out when their hungry. I think you're telling me that there aren't they're building I mean right now or wait out there they are yes ma'am. Lieutenant definitely. Well actually today's my day yolks are can't get there today but I might be able to get the air like my next week. Limit you need to get it I. Didn't get in the other allied and I don't. Get it. I wore these jurists. Are they being there are. No I'm not dangerous I mean unless you get beat by one. I know I know about being picked you to comment a couple of days and then yeah. It's doubtful eerie we're gonna see one of these things because they're mostly attracted to smells the only thing I'd be worried about is if you awareness some kind of fancy geo ordering or maybe some kind of fancy perfume. I really good. Right now. Oh yeah. I'm not what I want to do everything pretty clinical detail. Well. Now they're natural enemy is howl because you see owls are not predators and usually go out screw down and eat and so what I would do if you see one is start making all noises you know you know how to do that. Well. You know just really. Well let me hear what it would sound like. No you Isa and use our Cadillac spotted how old doing that what you're what you're gonna wanna go for is a hole and owl so that would be somewhat these. You are trying to. Your whole wrong stupid. When they also hate cats can continue his lack attack would like when it's really angry. Own your own way. And that's that's pretty good. Did and yet but not to Idaho to GP is scary and could go into attack mood. Like. I know I won't you don't you overtime we can with every wind. No I mean it's my only day golf. I'm begging you I'd like got a oh. Man I bet I would love to see. Especially since he's the one and who set you up for this post camp today. Why. Don this is busy morning zoo right now and you're being phone scam obstacles are the. It's. Entirely grass is to do it to you not eyes all. My god what a vacation and they are sovereign they get back.