Phone Scam: The Lost Contact

Friday, March 16th

Don't ya HATE it when you lose all the contacts in your phone, and you DIDN'T BACK THEM UP?? Then you have to ask everybody on FB to "please send me your contact info". What would happen if an old friend called you to update you on his contact info, but you couldn't recognize the voice, especially because he's not really an old friend, but the ZMZ pretending to be somebody you know?


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Recorded yeah should be careful in answering that call eight couldn't eat another easy morning. This. Hey at least it's John I heard you lost your contacts and your phone you want everyone to text you. But I figure every doctor in awhile anyways Zell like oh yeah. Yeah and sorry. These guys. That still how is everybody how this MacKenzie do with the whole gymnastics things. Out of it actually really loving it. Awesome I knew she would I mean it's right up her Alley members still a telling Tony put that Carolina balance beam. And house work I mean a piece that they opposite Greg Towne center ranked. Aren't they yeah I guess I'm still here. What about you right what it even a can of. Well as you know my mom. Asked. Access kinda disappointed I didn't see at the funeral. You know. I can't remember what was going on that we can that we had. Something. I think out of town that weekend. I mean it was during the week so. I hope. Remember yeah I'm sorry simply we went about worker you don't let the same place. If you could call it up place right indeed considering what I do every day. I guess that's true I'm entered them the rest of your family. Yep they're all fine looking forward to April as you know that's a pretty big month for us. Yeah up court should be excited and why I don't know if I would column we have to go through exciting I mean that's kind of insensitive. Don't really great and I just mad at. I know it's a big deal about all of. Well actually speak at the big deals don't forget I'm crashing your place next weekend for the big okay. Well. I've seen your place next weekend for the big okay. Q it's very Friday I like it so listen one more thing I also want you now on that I am having that surgery tomorrow so keep me in your prayers. I only get this of course. That's tomorrow. Yeah and I know that you know how important aces in the east so I appreciate your support and it's no matter what happens. Oh absolutely I'm gonna book with that of course. Well listen I'm sure you're busy so I won't keep you on the left to MacKenzie tell Tony I see you guys in a week. Sure no problem all and don't forget what I need from you before April. So what is. What do you mean by its that it its April what do I need trivia. Slammed so scatter brained editing deleting an even though not well okay think about it you're talking to him. Okay. And and what I'm sorry like at that I have like a billion thing going on. Wait a minute I just realized something you have no idea who this is studio. Okay and what's my last name. It what's my last name. Or are you to scatter brained to remember Mike and last name only shot. I don't know him at work right now. It's it's like you don't even know me. Which. Would actually makes sense because you. Don't actually know me. Police said this is busy morning zoo radio show on T one a foyer and your husband Tony and all of us. I have. Mean god you've. Great job of pretending you knew who I don't want this thing. I was thinking you have no idea about. Like the guy I don't know and the mom died at our. Reading from if you aren't so bad you're having surgery what.