Phone Scam: Lowell the Librarian

Friday, February 23rd

Lowell the Hammer Stanley applies over the phone to be the Chesapeake Public Library's newest librarian. As you can probably imagine, it didn't go so well...


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I am going to be recorded and be careful answering that call he couldn't eat another easy morning zoo. Owns. You period and period for Carol. Good morning thank you for calling it should be public library how many appeals. Tonight's big plays. Carol. I saw your posting about a job openings so I was calling to see if you hired and anyone yet. No no we have that can I ask where did you do your job posting. I sought online somewhere so you guys need a library or a. Yes. That's one of the positions were married before and I'm your guy I love and books all day long that's all I do this parade blocks. OK I'd he had any period we're in an elaborate well no not really like I said ice and books the bigger sub banner. Okay and what did you say your name is again. Okay low well and in just your normal speaking voice I'm hearing or are you on a speakerphone. No this is my. Normal X. Okay because. And why parade you probably know we encourage it quiet towns. That's no problem and in fact my last job was at a funeral home. You worked at a funeral home. I did I know the person said. Are you sorry are your loss I was awesome act. OK because you can't you talk at a very loud fashion and in a library thing that's. Actually not what he has turned. Lately I understand. I used to teach meditation. And yoga studio so I know. No I don't think he deals. And then for my other job and a baby daycare center I used to watch though. Little babies who are there are sleeping already had a job for a week ago. Okay what your number down here and I'll call you look we need you come in for an interview. One minute I'm in trust me I'm gonna read our best and library or do you ever saw. Okay that's the other thing we don't need that kind of language at the public eye every week we had children coming here. I know I'll bet you did overturn the Bucs aren't I do very well I'll make sure there either bring back the books on time or they end up angered and rose. Okay one needed in your number and I'll keep it on how he's. Get you ready. Sure okay that's par five guys catch. For right now yes I thought I match. OK well thank you for calling if we need you won't call you back into the energy okay. Okay just say no I'm an excellent shot terror. What I shot sure you know somebody who tells everyone to death she except when I do and I don't pay shocked at the. Okay will keep that in mind think you are calling. These. Okay back. Yeah.