Phone Scam: The mailman's tip

Friday, January 12th

Question: is it proper to tip the mailman around the holiday season? When a Zoo listener had a fight with her husband over that topic, she decided the best way to get revenge would be for the Zoo to prank him!!


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Recorded it's I can be careful answering that call include G another easy morning. This. And can I speak to Mike police. Caught this is Jim Rhodes. Hey Mike I don't know for either remit but I missed a the united states postal worker that's assigned to your roots. It. Good still listen the reason I'm calling is just to say that I'm sorry I did such a bad job last year and I just want you to know that emanate try to do a better job this year. Oh not I don't think it's bad up. Now it as far as I know we've always gotten a medal. Well OK it is is that most customers who are happy with their service usually give us that customary tipped around the holidays and I notice you didn't sound. I just find you know and they try harder this year that saw well. 08. No sir you did not. Don't I so while whites do but I and it is scrapped the. Yeah I'm sure that's what it was CL forgetting things is really easy especially around the holidays. Yeah it. Yeah I mean for example I mean I could easily forgotten to deliver all this package is you guys ordered to Wear media could've. Forgotten to deliver those Christmas cards you got from all your family your friends I mean I didn't. But I can see where you're coming from. Yeah world. I am real hard though. IKEA yeah. Did you the first time look I forgive you I don't forgiving person and I hope you're forgiving when need be. I don't know something happens next time you orders from the from Amazon or maybe your W twos go missing. Because that can be a real pain you know or maybe next time said he said you might want mail. Or gift card any just disappears. Remember that it is saying I'm sorry works for you I'm gonna remember that. OK okay that's I don't know what your problem is. But now account that is threatening. Threatening you all call this is how I'm the. OK okay well actually I take it directly by the MI port to come out of my automatic but actually they do after automatic. Well OK okay yep you know those birthday cards to your son gets from his grandma with a gift card to gain stop those don't happen automatically now do day. Wait wait. I see now. And let's be a mind reader. Are important or. The sense that it animal what you're probably right now we got it all whatever. I am a part about that what he won't from. I mean I don't want anything I mean obviously like most postal workers I'm we are very wealthy. And I don't need tip money. Really the weakness of your pit stop that we eat it. I don't get mad. But I but I also don't forget you know so I mean I hope your wife doesn't walk to the mailbox and I don't know find a copy of Playboy magazine with you need money at times they train like. What the. Are shaking me down. What what is it in Italy Lloyd you are ridiculous right now I don't. Think it's illegal now all me opening up a box is something you ordered from Amazon taken had John baited. And then clo impeccably delivering that would be illegal. OK okay let me get it right now. OK sure no problem angle it would. And you know. Yes public reports. Are out with quality. Which they need each and every week for it if Crist. OK hang around in your letter carriers means. I don't know if that's what and rest grant that. You don't even though his name. You think that's kind impersonal. I mean at least he can do is get to know his name I understand that you too cheap to tip them but at least learn in the mains nineteen. Well look at what it got to it and now threatening little thumbnails you need to open our mail it to Albert lord of the gonna take it don't any it or let them by a team in its Saturday how would you be able to. Yeah man. I'm not trying to OK I want to mail. OK let's go pro am and all all you have to do is send us a letter. Verify and you're unhappy with you current mail me and service and you relax requests and one accords. Adam who's gonna deliver that letters since you just so tired your male domain. Your reason right now. Actually yes this is a joke Mike this is busy morning zero figured she wants you and a four and you just got fumbles scams. Oh boy yeah. I think you're about to lose. You outlaw. Guys opening or may have.