Phone Scam: the Manscaping Accident

Friday, December 8th

Manscaping can be a pretty tricky business, and the LAST thing any guy wants the world to know is that he had a little "accident" while doing it...


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Recorded it's being careful and answering that call he couldn't eat another easy win. It is now. Well. I yeah I'm calling for band. Aid and this is Kevin I'm calling for an excellent Indies by. Cell I'm calling you because your wife asked me to you she wanted me to set up an appointment with you. Are brutal war. Offer personal grooming and she told me about what happened with your little accident. Okay did. They're they appreciate that are really solid night. Every adult noting that we have the senate appointment. OK okay yeah CS yeah. Okay he do you not want economy. OK seriously and that is. You. Know this is real she's she thought we could have you coming in and we could you know like finished the job Gloria. OK very very targeted as well OK I knew that we would have. Have you come in and we we give you a professional male Ruble far. We seem to which means we take care of Dalembert. Four via. Certainly you want me come until someone else do you change much. Why you you've never gone to a salon to get a haircut before. OK but would you go so someone else cut your hair right you don't walk it they're doing yourself right this is the same thing. And not the same thing written somebody a go down there and stuff why should it. There silly I mean you'd be reading a magazine or something a lot of this and we think of us. I know you're thinking you don't want a total stranger down their whacked it away everything below your belly button so your wife suggested that I do it. You are yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and they particularly that site. I do it for your wife all the time do you think she maintains that front yard of currency DC does matters health old old RO SS. Only you. Yeah pretty much every two weeks because she misses the session and boy I can topology misses is that since its start to look like a troll doll down there. That in. A minute. Yeah yeah. Well basically I take care of everything from your right to hear back from your cranked your crack. Under I. Yeah yeah. Yeah. It's personal group you wanna look here back. Yes and your wife doesn't like you doing it anymore she's afraid you're gonna accidentally cut the whole thing off or something. That is not totally. Yes and she really wants you to do X and then take a look at what's going on down there your wife says it's a mess he says it's just Jumanji down there right now. About a out about this stuff. What do you expect me and your way to talk about when I'm working on at the Ritz kids today. The measure is relieved and excited about why would you get home and this is just it's just to clear right now. Back in trying to and his. So maybe the reason and it's too weird for you is because. This really isn't a hair salon this is actually does he more digs through radio show and you just polish and who would you. And your wife shared the story about your little accident with the simply don't get to fund her hand and gracious and everybody knows him out to Asia has hit.