Phone Scam: The Middle School

Friday, September 7th

The Zoo phone scams a middle school asking to speak to a student with a very unusual name...

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Family are recorded. Be careful answering that call he couldn't eat another easy morning zoo phone is. Good morning and middle school has helped it. Yes good morning and minding his meet again and he adds. I didn't need to get a hold of my daughter she's a student staff. Okay what what you daughter's last name it's the media's. Okay and and what her first name it's diarrhea. Pretty name well I think you it means send Chang. Okay he didn't plan seen them. I'm not sure who her teacher is normal. Okay. What what grade she and said the seventh grade yes. Ari hang on a second. To. I'm not seeing her on donor registry. How how do you spell her last name. Zumiez. Okay and he says. Her first name is. The idea correct. And can. I have no diarrhea and seventh grade. A few unusual. Yeah I'm looking. At CNET diarrhea. Let me check and make sure they didn't want her on the sixth grade are an eighth grade less greet you. Okay. I'm looking in the sixth grade and there's no diarrhea and there's no diary and the eighth grade either. A little are you sure you have a right school. Yes I'm sure she's definitely a student there. Well I don't know what to traders know diarrhea. At this school. Oh no that's terrible. Hang on a second. Let me ask if we have her opponent transfers Jeter and then. Hold on. Gentlemen is what can you were hit child. Full blown. It. Good at all yeah. And it. Wait a minute. I admit I don't know who this. Your way match. We do not call back and I think that's. The lose. I think.