Phone Scam the morning walker

Friday, May 12th

The Zoo phone scams a big neighborhood "morning walker", posing as an old neighbor with a few "simple requests"...


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And oh yeah they are recorded here. Be careful and answering that call eight could indeed another New Zealand sue Sloan is an. Well. Yeah yeah yeah see it's. Well lit this all mean. Is he every phase kimbo got him try to reach an eighty what's in front of my hat we see every morning he did you know. He's and eat it might be I yeah I walk every morning. He lived in my neighborhood. I assure you I guess you're never permanent may burst you know. Lady ace you look at that I have to see every morning. Yeah that's probably me I mean there's a few rockers out the same time it means so. Yes I have on here. Okay yeah it's you missing give me a favor. Her out or what. Crusty corner might know and when you turn the corner and work really hard in my knowing he's been sued corners and they don't want anybody you in my green ace. I think that's a quick or I am so sorry I didn't want to hear why. And it'll be used to be deregulation and we're hard guided it ATC can't walk John. OK I promise I will be extra careful I'm so sorry could you leave once in a glass of I'm sorry. Would you believe. Every morning and usually defer window drinking Mike Cook he would be too much trouble free to leave once in Ohio. You need a way that window. It's your eight. I mean that's what's hot and you're at the corner ragged the big rig two bedroom ranch. Well. Thank you all. Okay did he greet. It I get a couple more things here. Yeah how much these I usually sleep late to try to keep your music turned down. I had are. Quiet. The miracle years hearing aides in both years are to meet its wicked did you grow up no come down his street. Also one Tuesday are usually good at the farmers markets and that means the wind did a I'm usually eating the would you stop and have a profound sometime. What I not end any. Just what John did you get back on your way. Well any. Making it means they make her re on the morning so that Iowa really fast. Yeah I figured I had three GOP want this once a week. I like it if you look that way it did I took rented out holding her reach. And yelling yeah. JJ. I would change you. Click around her immediate. Legal rule playing tape being duke could preteen girls scared it I would cheese you know. OK okay sex unions and. I'm getting a little weird. I'm I'm not queen's Q role playing with huge. I don't know you look and I'm sorry. Until leaving an ice rocket to get exercise. I don't second line that is totally. Only jet. That's not happening with you know and I'm gonna play B. I get off my long game is huge. OK we're now reported about this on turn east maybe you who intercepted more eight. I wish you luck but I know who's done it yet. Okay that's not inappropriate or are you kidding me. The conversation Dana and I have to worry about the meaning worn it out I played also got a rock. To your dad. You don't understand. Issues right wave that is he's. I never see any game. Of beauty anymore. I miss it so much. And what did I saw a vision walking across by lawn that vision which you'll. And it reminded me that you're still pigs and beauty in this world. My wife caddie Teddy and you had me sometimes. It reminds me of her. Well I'm very sorry airlines thought it sounds wonderful and I'm very flattered that. Yeah I think I'm a vision and you. You're welcome maybe one day you can way to meet your window when you're walking back eight. Okay I could probably do that okay. Greed and if you could do it with Delaware and abroad there would be awesome I. She goes digs up and around when you go by. Everything you ever I. Figured out. Yeah.