Phone Scam Mr Buttshanks

Friday, March 24th

The Zoo once again re-defines what bad customer service sounds like, with this phone call to a satellite TV customer.


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It's got to be recorded. Be careful and answering that call he couldn't eat. Loan scam. Hello. Yeah can I speak to mr. black shapes please. True. Mr. black shanks I'm calling from TV. Mr. Hanks speaking I don't know are we got early an anchor around his right here and just have black chicks. Know my name her books and well OK okay so what season it probably just system. Well my good chat a little work executed it. A trader at her retirement and I do think it's called I'm sort of Luke OK gotcha says his sister Mary thing again. In. And I know you you've got a bigger birds could I tell you like ten minutes and Cindy from tech support call you back okay. Sure okay you hang in damage to but shanks on any second UV today is that. Time again you can only that. OK see you have a nice day. Yes hello this is TV tech support and trying to reach any butch but shanks please. And my name is it should. But our regular Joseph. So it's. Okay Gabby now Ancona bag you'd the issue having some sort of trouble. Yeah I've told a guy yesterday in May send somebody was gonna call me an and they never did. Okay will never say never here hanging on it now first question have you tried re starting at. Yeah I told the guy yesterday and Irene started and then aggregate content sort of boot. OK we deal with this before how will probably do need to come out there are politically unless somebody who can set you up for a visit okay. Oh Hank. Our go to. Butch says here Hank but shanks is you. I and bush. Not bush. But we put. Our own remember. OK bush are on the PG comes up but he okay that we're gonna get your dish squared away here rivers and the needs of info from you know what day next week is good for a visit from us. I don't Jim just over a year they are saying I am. All right. That would hurt okay cool on the let me connect you a moment of connect to the technician is gonna be coming over your house on mining and once sacked. Elvis did like shanks. A.