Phone Scam the Nudie Pics

Friday, March 10th

How freaked out would YOU be if you found out the nudie pics you were sending to your wife, went to her GRANDMOTHER instead???


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And Italy recorded its. Be careful and answering that call he couldn't eat another. Loans can. I guess cash feature rich please. Our. Favorites this is Charles truth I'm calling from the Geek Squad over at best buy a Virginia Beach how are you today. Our good. Like today so listen I'm here today with Beverly she says she's related to you I guess she's Jerry Graham nine is that right. Yes she's an Alaska man actually but yeah. OK so she's your grammar and law then. OK so she brought in her eye patch today and again she said you when your wife got her an iPad for Christmas. Yes we did with what song. Well actually nothing the iPad works fine. That really think she might have a virus or something on it because she keeps receiving pornographic photos on its. Oh yeah. Oh. So here's the weird part and all the pictures she says our view she says that she keeps getting nude pictures of you in the shower. 116. Two million. Yeah I guess every few days she says she gets another picture but there all of her grandson she said hang on a second. And yet they're all of you she's telling me. She. Didn't pictures. Do you mean why wouldn't be getting getting them. Like I mean she gets a notification on her screen she opens it up and there's a naked picture and I guess there all of you know. Okay I see which right now. Yes she's right here I needed Parker immediately you sure hang on here's yes hello to get on dirt. But I think I am so bad at. You can't imagine how embarrassing. That an army vet husband my computer every now and he picture and he would. You were a deacon. And I am in Paris are you okay. I I got a picture of human nudge. Him you know I can't even. I can England. Wouldn't that I've I and the decent person you have the X games. You can be it can I have your health I'm sorry I had no idea you're gonna see these pictures and I mean do you Italy where. I think I. And an intimate the. I didn't know that they were now we'll see good uses. A complete. The word I'd I don't collect there have been what they've got to have not made. And how many elder wood or trash can look at. It was almost golden Natalie we have this kind of. Ongoing joke in it was. Considering running and I don't on at all. And yes I'm sorry it's again. This past that you completely embarrassed. Hey hey aren't so shall you pay rich kites Charles again and so listened. I know this is kind of a drag but because Beverly turn this over to us to fix I'm afraid and they have to let the police in on this team because I'm starting to file reports. Now congress hate the police. Adults don't need to police involved issues. It ought not to listen missile that could come then that would like his name Dwayne target that it when he. Yes he was seen. It when it looks like his sound that your wife said at the iPad fur around Beverly but she used all of her account info. So I'm guessing anything picture wise that you sent your wife is gonna end up on this iPad as well so. I mean obviously I've seen most of pictures are not that bad except for the one with the shampoo bottle thing that's that's just sick. Cannot rotate and need I need you receivers just. So please don't typically involves I'm already humiliated. Enough speeches decisions. My quite understandably among alienated honey you should be loaded it and. Yet this years old unafraid any cases of pornography that we come across we have to report and I'm really sorry man on. And and Beverly what did you want to say to him. I have one idea. Of what you and me another picture of your tush I can see more of your church and I woke up at the her okay. It's funny but does he gets serious I go well distorted that reasonable distance. Humiliating. Yes. Hey Eric oh hey rich. Well I don't think the police are gonna get involved this is actually busy mornings you radio show and use that phone scams. Let. Your wife Natalee two is set you up for a phone scam. So nobody's. Seen the pictures and he just your wife mr. Karzai now there are. I wish. All my dad says that almost gave me that goes. It's in a with the way we could have done it was Graham a bad so I. Can't believe you did this occur you like these tests.