Phone Scam: the Office Creeper

Friday, August 31st

Jill is CONVINCED that since her blinds fell from her window at work, that people are watching her through her office window (paranoid much?). She's about to get a call from the Zoo, pretending to be one of those people!

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I am going to probably be recorded and be careful and answering that call he couldn't eat another easy morning. Don't. Yes hello cheers. Yeah. How wonderful my name is Travis I work in the building facing your window I'd just one digits and how beautiful I think you on. Sometimes. I sit at my desk and need to boys and petty yogurt and a leg to watch you work after this. OK okay and Freddie lit the. This is house I would can meet. And building directly across from you. How gap Sherry yeah. Kind. It. Yes I believe we would disconnected before I was wondering if you would answer a question for me. And whoever is that I government that. At Baylor and a girl. I'm Saudi I really don't mean to buzz that you I was just going to ask what you got you have kind. I don't like it could get used to say I'd like to get to the owes me. About whoever. Was out there if you're like that out well. I'm sorry my name is house I am watching you right now actually as we speak. I worked in the building across from Neil. Okay yeah well I. Can't. Do. I am actually to move though was. Right now so I do not think you can see me but I definitely see you you'll they are indeed may be doused with a black pin says scared it's very attractive. Here's a look at age committee. All I don't want to commit to kind. I was just running if you would like to join me for some poison Betty yoga at some time. Perhaps they could bring it extend yogurt cup to collect his secret and you would join me. A good bet. You'd expect pervert. I. You. So you don't want to have poisoned that yoga click me. It. OK I understand. It if you don't mind me act lays something for you that I hope you and I. What. That is it was green sleeves I am playing it for you do you like it's. Yeah. Joan. If I buzz Joseph boyfriend. I'd never let you go all we need some guilt and oh OK okay that's right but don't you want to know that this really is. Oh. Jill this is busy morning Zealand's even before I'm so sorry your office in tiger tiger all possess the phone's camera. Without a partner at the creepy app I backing Joker that early. You don't like you'll.