Phone Scam: The Pants Exchange

Friday, May 11th

Exchanging pants should NOT be this difficult. Also there should probably be WAY less swearing...

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I am really good are they recorded. Be careful and answering that call include each other's feelings do. I've got to speak to Dave please. This is Charles I'm calling from and drumming your wife left us a message that you needed to exchange some shorts with us. You got seriously. I total undersea got word just fine. Mean we mind reader exchanges like this all the time. So what kind of shorts are they she's that they were the men's khaki with two pockets and there were dollars. Yeah it's one. And they've also apparently like navy Y one. Okay and you need to exchange all of them are just the khaki or just or all of them. Now I know I actually industrial color. Okay and what's guys aren't they're very always I needed to surge. Okay no problem standby 12 formula can't. Our. Carol. He didn't give the you the men's kinky in 36 since. Yeah I got diagnosed forced to do juice more. Yeah and Hillary it's okay media center and do you actually lose. Okay all right thinks. OK Sarah it looks that we don't leave of the khakis. I did. It over your dad just now. I'm sorry why. Are an urgent call me do that and just how you could on old. Okay I would never say something like that to a customer's. But yeah so OK this in the big check on the needy. And you also said white right. OK hang on 12. You didn't hear this you. Know we can we do it let's hold in the heroes and he didn't. Pull this game and usually you you. You link. And you. I. Yeah. It's a DD TDs to the defense that we need to do we have the men's suits in blue. And 36. Yeah just Eddie McGee. And people. Our focus or so let's say we also have the navy into. We tell you that we got on the record I'm not let me tell dumping dipped a little. Excuse me right now what I want to meet you heard me I know there are right now. Ask why. Well I don't know I would use garbage data. And boy how are not bad and all that that I thought about. Are you sure you talk to the right person I would never say anything like that. I know senate. Very cute they are not. Are you all of it up under our wideout help our club. OK sure no problem hang on 12 please. He can he get in the end over your first that. Yeah EST do you need you. Each speak yeah. And yeah you need to do is doing. Gene means a meal deal. I would just like we do know that whoever. Just help me now this one the most insulting customer service representative I've ever heard in my life. I used to work tell you to do what I know I know bad gutless Democrats. And it got goodbye and he immediately. I apologize on behalf of our entire company I am very sorry you had a bad experience. I can assure you that your business is extremely important ties and I would do everything I possibly can to fix this situation very you know cast. I hope so I hope that this would definitely go what I've ever been treated by company in my life. OK I again am sorry hang on 12 and I'll sort all of this out okay. I. And it's. I only used to her reached a long time. She should. Be working. On is my real green mom. Many as year old Danny. Yeah sure you had this problem will be handled by me personally. Now you know I know I've only come and stay. Don't pick it all to a candidate also you know you might why do we you know you can't you maybe got up. A guy a little. That I see here every and a word you're saying people are no worse well be. I tell everybody how you treat your cup Bert I sort of people coming years to try to big money at Belmont and they are here to. Short. Taking elect that is a great idea intact stake in them you know you should deal. You should call it radiation alarms even a 4 in the morning busy mornings guilt or. Actually you don't have to you because here on it right now. Davis this is it really strip this is busy morning Higgs field and you just got problems to him I'm so sorry your wife asks us to do this deal. Oh oh. Oh my dad five. I don't think they know that I'd be here at this. We knew that was sort of the plane had just. Let me tell you up but it's a good no work on videotape and because you absolutely. At upper.