Phone Scam: Peloton Bike

Friday, July 20th

The Peloton Bike is a fitness bike that allows you to actually LIVE-STREAM real workout classes and pedal right along with them LIVE! What if someone called and said that one of the online instructors was too mean?

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I. Recorded it's been carefully answering that call eight couldn't eat another easy morning. Contacting telethon please let them closely as are many options have changed. If you're interested in pre ordering the Telecom tread pressed one. If you are interested in purchasing a Telecom bike or factories pressed to. If you need help or have questions about your Polycom bias press three. And please hold on the line for the next available to number. This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes. We'll go to a yes I get complaints about Jill products. Okay. And you're. Sure why it's G cup stumbles. Or score. Itself is following I enjoy it very much but I recently joined in what have you lied to exercise classes. And the instructor it was very insulting to me. Sorry that shut interludes. Well he was insulting and he berated me and part of the entire client. Okay. So you don't buy it or use it Egyptian where. No my what I set up in my garage I used it every day. Understand. Because you showed there was an instructor. That did something Q and I'm just wondering how that would work. Well let me tell you so I looked up the bike and I launch onto one of the life Clancy is and I am riding the bike and do my eyes. And the instructor appoints Meola and says some derogatory. Language to me. Actually so. Do you need to act in shut it was would you allow older it was idiotic faster. All I mean he was downright rude to me. Look at world war Larry shape it was and she used specifically our crisis are down here at York city interest to deal. So I don't think you lose the specifically yelling at you to. Well he said my name he said JU facts on the blood stock. Italy like his Sissy girl. Oh. It and who said that instructs. OK okay but is structured day. They change you. So they wouldn't be able to communicate which actually. Well that's what I thought they called me up fat sort of touch so I said kiss your mother would that not. And he said no but I just joined other and that's not all I did to look. Oh. I take you need to and you don't want secretary treasurer she. But I assure you there. This do you remember what that class was or who you're a shock to us. Sure I was to begin classes and the instructor is they must Cody. A little tool that. I. It's Europe. Its back and. Olympic team us. OK sure so I asked around trying to put your state is no way that. Soccer to consider to be be talking to you directly. I don't know if you saw you heard it being social. Listen I'm not crazy people applied for genetic effect terrible things about my mulled not only be kept like that. I'm gonna call is bowl odds and he couldn't quite did. He was gonna come. I'll take my proton applied a sharp each apiece not life starting would handle boss it was very dramatic all. Like just an apology. Okay well. Concern on to have sort of beyond their really sorry that happened to you. And out sort of ensure that it never happens again. Thank you all and what I think if anyway we can get some of the lady instructors to do that classes would that tops all. I see those things bounced that around. Patricia you know alleged. Thank you for our politics sir you have an actor okay.