Phone Scam: the phone test

Friday, January 26th

When this girl gets a call from "tech support" about the issues she's been having with her phone, she has no idea it's actually the Zoo messing with her


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I am going this can't be recorded and be careful and answering that call include. But then how. This is Tony Stark and calling for a apple tech support is this Susan. Casey's and so we understand there's been some problems with your new iPhone. Yeah. But it company they'll actually I'm with apple tech support. Okay. You re. So what is the source of the problem he what is it not charging correctly is it turning off like what's the source of the problem. McCain is this like a consistent probably is happen all the time. I don't know I mean you sound bite me. OK that's good that I. Yeah listen what are you could help me out here in the what do what I'll do is I'll make all the adjustments bomb on your line from from my end over here. OK I mean you can adapt and I from there. Oh yeah I mean we've got a series and equalizers here in the office and then I can use them to adjust your line say your voice sounds better when other people hear you on the phone. I yeah as a matter of fact I'm looking at the read outs now and down let's try something here on season let's let's just speaking your normal voice form any place. I hadn't what should say what every lie you testing testing it's like. Okay. Chad has. Widened C news. That. Yeah that was just fine art now I'd like you to speak in now lower voice. Like you don't you and your normal voice I did you speak down low are so I can get a reading on the lower frequencies. Very. Hello. This feed my little boy could. That was perfect okay now I need your voice to go quickly. From low to high eight and then back again make a couple of times low high. Low high keyed up for me. Okay and every year and. No. Oh and. Good can he do it faster place. No. Mountain. Okay. Let me make some adjustments to the high frequencies. Great thing about it not hi. Please. I'm. Not. Good a little bit how. Hire police. Almost a little piece here. Yeah. And read it was. A really weird and you can bring out. Yeah it's helping on one more thing I need some different sounds can you do the low hiking again and then using different words try alternating lol at high using just a random words like I'm. I know from my radio. Okay. Like. Radio how. Al and I knew immediately what it wanted. It's apple to support you don't believe me OK honestly season this is an apple tanks where this is busy working zero you just got on. Larry Keating. Postal sorry but you're so sweet you are like willing to work with the as a result cooperative. I'm tired thing. I dearly that you're out there all the time OK I know somebody that app and did it. Let's see if somebody that your inner releases it winds right now. And I got I'm actually not that surprised. At the end of the the good news is your phone sounds fantastic. Yeah yeah.