Phone Scam: the school snow day squad

Friday, January 19th

Wanna know a secret? Teachers love snow days too! Maybe even more than the students! That's why THIS teacher was NOT HAPPY when she found out she was "volunteered" to work on snow days for the rest of the year...


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Recorded and be careful and answering that call include. I'm calling for Gina and police. Yeah I. This is Jason to reload from the superintendent's office. They Gina how's it going. And it worry you are great so as I'm sure you're aware we had a bit of an overabundance of snow days already this winter so fire. I'd. Say yeah and we're trying to do little. Things to remedy this situation so that in the long run nobody has to work any harder than we need TO one of the programs we're gonna start implementing is this know gay squad program. This would be a group of dedicated teachers will be responsible for attending school on days where we closed for weather related issues so we don't fall back on any clerical responsibilities. OK okay run I need and I'm I'm confused. Well basically it's a small group of teachers who would still coming in on snow days. Oral. It. Well first of all to help make sure somebody's daring TC students do show up in second helped catch up. I'm clerical stuff like people working with you know and the has fallen through the cracks. Wait a minute I thought we are in had a group that thirty does that doesn't administration. Come in and. Yeah they do you would be assisting them this superintendent chose several teachers to make up this prestigious team. And I'm happy to say that you are one of them. On a second. I. I need one more time. Well we were looking for a group of teachers to go in on saudis and your name came up actually we were looking at Carroll and she recommended you instead. No. No she's not she legacies she recommended you instead. I'm sorry that I don't understand at this air that you get shut it needed it and I mean do I have any stay at all our men. Really now. You're telling me from now aren't quick idea at eight code red call should ignore it coming anyway. Yeah because your on this note he squad isn't it cool to sound like a superhero or something I. I know there's a big problem okay. What it out and I can't get fiscal. Hyundai Elantra. Except pointed at neighborhood with three into the now I'm sorry never gonna. Machete tackle no problem with a little snow. Will you Ronnie and Michael RT. Tiny. It make it through the net. Well there is a backup plan for that one of our custodians Henry Crabtree drives an old pickup truck and he always makes Symbian cell. I could give me your number you could just call him and then having come pick you up I mean you might like kicking and gas money or something but why. Can applicant I. What went to the different candidate what that somebody else I didn't I see on it you know I am not crazy about any of that this does not okay. Which part don't you like it did the name because I think it should just be this no squad not the snow days squad. Not about being me. I guess I don't think it's fair for op at features that the comment. On the day when we are well. Well it's not all the teachers feel pretty much just be you and one other teacher. Yeah do you chew and then Henry Crabtree if he were to pick you up. Well I mean and it other teacher and that editor. Accomplished what nobody out in their work eight. Edges the very least a great friendship. Plus it'll look great underestimate. Out no way it. I'm not doing it your act meter read my life ended now did you write the word when nobody else compared. Managing editor I don't that they don't even more yeah I would like to see that I like to see I'm sorry but that's a bunch of BS. Actually you're right this is a bunch of behest actually Dina this is busy morning zero radio show on the 104 and he just cut funds camps. Yeah your friend Carol assisted programs can't you she's that nobody loves melodies more than you as though. Oh yeah. I seriously thought I don't quite have it. Click my. Britney. I don't worry that the next code red call you get you can stay home don't worry cockroach dominate Saturday.