Phone Scam: Senseless Survey 2

Friday, May 4th

Bob Dobalina is back with another U.S. Senseless Survey!

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I am going this can't be recorded its. Be careful and answering that call include. Loans can. Hello. All right yes good morning my name is Bob Alina columns from the US since the survey board do you have to have an answer a couple of questions for US census survey real quick. Spoken. Great okay now how many people currently resigned in your home. There's two own rank and how many vehicles do you own. To all ranked how many times a week would you say you eat fast true. Oh probably. Between two and three all right and how about slow food. And I guess the rest of the times. It. All right do you think their cows chicken tenders because the meat comes from the solstice party chicken or because it comes from a chicken that was raised to be complete. I don't know Powell ran it's cracked under water do you think anybody notices. Don't think that's. Relevant I don't know where I don't have time here. We just got a few more questions you know will be debt will be done. Here's question seventh. Isn't the number eleven per announced one T one and they don't sound like. Questions you need me I ordinarily do we get some valuable information and we do appreciate you participating I his next question now is suppose seasons last name means. There's no way this is a question on that an analyst like. This is ridiculous I don't have time. Just a couple of got remote questions and it will be done thank you participate in Tom. Next question why and they told missiles when their aim is to hit something should they be Collin handles. You know that this is you've got the wrong person I think OK did you get a couple more prisons of the dvds as they become more prisons forced around at what age did you realize you had fails. You know I don't have time and yes I definitely do not have. Question I Wear it out that's who are just we just got one more question if he could and then we'll ramped up. If the number two pencil is the most popular why is it still number two. You know being. Sick and didn't just ridiculous like to listen to yourself at the question it doesn't even make. Is a wasted everyone's time especially at night right now and I'm very accurate. A.