Phone Scam: Senseless Survey 3

Friday, June 15th

Senseless survey taker Bob Dobalina is back at it again...this time asking questions about everything from praying mantises to cannibal ducks!!

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Yeah recorded it's been carefully answering that call he couldn't eat another easy morning. It's an. Hi yes this is Bob W them culled from US senseless serving board Tommy answer just a couple of questions first since the serve running. And I guess since the surveying. Yeah I mean a lot of time and well pull rank on question number one how many people currently resigned in your home. I'm at the moment it all and of course you do you work full time apart tan. All rank and I would say you put in a full time effort targeted slam or part time effort all the tan. All ranch how many computers do you own. It is or I don't rat and do you fear them. It. I'll ranked if you into the parking youth at a chicken nugget to the ducks would you consider that cannibalism. I don't I. Why don't. Call rat. You think mantis is are always carrying amount. RIE. Charlie. I'm Eileen attempt a couple of questions that's not between us got a couple more questions in here. In the country of brains to think there's something called American kissing. I have no idea but I all right and what do you suppose Satan his last name means. Weird. I just a couple more questions you at what age did you realize it just wasn't gonna happen for you. All right if the deaf person has to go to col work is still holding hearing. Okay this is you know what I'm sorry a worker at that. Mu.