Phone Scam: Shaggy Returns Pajamas to Sears

Friday, June 22nd

What would it sound like if the reggae singer Shaggy had to return some pajamas to Sears? It would probably sound like THIS...

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Family are recorded they. Be careful answering that call include. So thank you for calling Sears your call may be monitored or recorded. Please hold while a transfer your call to the next available representative. Yeah. Yeah. Good morning you are calling him explaining it to grow how happy you. Yeah at all. Owns. I'm sorry. So. What's original about that Joseph bombs and. Touch. Okay I think he did you want to return them to Sharma who got the whole. I like to me. She. I. This goes to show. Your name is shaggy. A lecture last week called needless to bull's balls and. To. I'm I'm trying to have a hard time understanding saying all told us to the malls. Oh hey. I I understand that that. That they're a little bit of language barrier and I'm right now. So. Your seat. And Mel at target W album has altered seeds. Amid pro Taliban received its. I. I really don't understand. Yeah it's not it's almost. I actually lottery churn your pajamas. And that is. Okay now have they opened or warn already. Seeing on the block the ball well. I didn't know how normal. What's. It gonna have to get returning that one of our location and I am really having trouble understanding. How we're where you located there. You're calling from yeah maybe the we have been low key. That's my clothes. Yeah but I wouldn't do you know how the times. Tiger why is how. They love is in the clouds. Okay you're asking me under. Yeah. Just you know the only way that's simple. You know what sort. It.