Phone Scam Slightly gets scammed

Friday, May 12th

The Zoo decided to scam Slightly, since he got a gorgeous new girlfriend and won't stop talking about her!!


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Are all of scam this week. And we're all of this on scam because it involves another member of the Z 104 air staff nine key issue don't know if you sit in the morning. Maybe you're not aware of you know awake or in your car maybe don't listen to the radio. Night but a lot of you work. You know deal. You can you don't slightly as you don't know slightly. He hosts every night the slightly nightly program here and you don't force starts at seven goes till midnight or Mary gets sleepy. So slightly. Recently got himself a girlfriend he has very. May eighteenth and it's here at name's Melissa and she is they are not counted yet she's that the origins. And she's a really nice person tale. Does that person that slightly certainly doesn't there. Slights I mean we like slightly give the limited of junk now and then we like him he's a great person. But yes the sexual. Prowess. A lot of hamster well like I mean you know. So we wonder how slightly got a child growing and it is since slightly got this hot girlfriend. He is confidence level has gone back at that we can't have that. So we thought we would. Slow lately we like the worse for him to do this we had to pitch change Ashley's voice. So you're never gonna believe this but the voice you're about to hear. It's actually actually but we pictured dal lake two or three octaves so she sounds like you're grown up. Winged keel finally. Anyways here's what happened we funds camp slightly check this out. Yeah mentally this gonna be recorded and be careful and answering that call include. This. Hello. Good morning I'm calling to speak with a Melissa please. Melissa and yes issue available. Man oh yeah this is the Tidewater woman's clinic. Oh well this this isn't her cell number and I'm sorry she actually put this down as one of two different contact numbers for us to retract and nobody answered the first one so we tried this one. Oh I gotcha well on her boyfriend that's probably why she put down my number. OK well which meant passing on the message for us share. OK let her know that the results of the first 22 as she took with us where negative. But the third test was positive. Protocol is back please because we wanted to schedule a follow up. OK okay not a sex. Well that by me again. Share let Melissa no the first two tests were negative. But the third one was positive. And she need to schedule a follow up with us. Okay and what exactly were these tests for. I'm sorry I can't reveal that information and you know patient confidentiality. Okay maybe just told me the result of the fact I'm pretty sure you can at least tell me what the tests were for its. No I I'm sorry it just doesn't work that way it's part ever patient confidentiality agreement. Say you're telling me that my girlfriend took some cash and one of them is positive but you won't tell me what it's Ford. Now I'm sorry became a teacher probably just what a positive test was forward. Paints tell you what in need. Of the test reform sorry. OK I mean you can understand my concern right I'm her boyfriend so that something's going on I'm pretty sure you can tell me. I'm so. Are you and Melissa currently sexually active. I need assuming we worry is that a problem. No no problem in fact that really isn't any of my business now what do you have a primary care physician. Do I have a position yes do you have a doctor someone you could schedule an appointment with if you had to OK why do I need to schedule an appointment. I'm not saying that you deal but if you did. Do you know house junior doctor could see yield. Okay what's going on your start the DC office of sir I'm I'm very sorry we party discussed I can't divulge any medical information that is in your own. I understand that you can't repealing thing. Try to understand where I'm coming from the list is my girlfriend we are sexually active so that these cats are I need to know it's something I need to be tested for also and I preacher at the medical professional you'd have to Tommy if unpalatable to catching something otherwise you're looking at a lawsuit. No not really that's that's not how it works so you're gonna pass on the message to Melissa forests right or should we just tried the other number again. But it again. That test one and two were negative. But the last test that was positive. Just telling me this scary test was the positive line. I say you've taught at this one let it. Does that mean. Still wary she'll understand what it means OK I speak you brought police or your supervisor I want somebody to know what you're doing to meet right now. For sure output doctor Taylor on for you hang on 12 okay. And and this is doctored to analysts believe keying a cease and dad and the biggest. Sorry slightly. On the portal a woman that was. Actually I did not that would not actually that did not sound like actually yeah we actually change that its inner voice. That is when luckily guys. I am I could now not everybody gets an invention that that on the scene and good I'm glad he did.