Phone Scam: the TSA agent

Friday, March 9th

Talk about CREEPY! How would YOU react if the TSA agent that gave you a "pat down" actually CALLED you and asked you out afterwards? EWWWW....


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I'm Emily this may be recorded and be careful answering that call it TV on another easy win. Don't. Hi Stacy. And Jeff but it. Stacey this is Mike the TSA worker over at Charlotte and airport and came through about a week ago. That's right. Yeah so. How you do in. What we're. Does is kind of difficult for me. I've never done this with a client if for a bite down. You're coming through right now is giving in pat down I kind of felt like. Kind of like I was dignified friend again and that's kind of colleague you're getting advice from me TO. Rio and it could you comment I. EI meet you were a client a mind EE came through my line. Is security during that session we had last week and I gotta get the sense that there was something more between us. Yeah I. But especially what you're talking about your yes worker can help you think I number. Well it's not very professional day I sort of copied off of your suitcase tag why you were more luck and. No no that's not professional it will phone call to action on yeah I don't understand outside air and I think any. So manager about. Well I mean you know need to do that legacy any you know it's that's on the deal without my clients. You really need not buying it client. Look I'm really sorry it's just say you know when you're going through security signing your bag was going did a thing I noticed. Yeah Heidi and a a lady Tulane and then saw at the you know maybe season. And he's got a wild side to worry that that adds I would down on this limb. If they were waiting for a little off of what do you think about. Hey look I renewed its alarm time that I know what I see direct series you know what I see along cylinder with a power. Our accorded to us to the end and I know it is. Aren't that you're much idiot. That is the curling iron. All over right of course teach your curling iron back. Locking collar that every life but you gotta admit I was wrong about divide between us right. Like in the name and number of your manager Greg. Because it hurt immediately. Sure no problem her name is Molly. We are at a Brett name. And it's pretty strange. And Stacey this is busy morning zoo and you just got phones Gaiam. I think we're pretty pro ivy I can't believe that yeah I'm Molly told us how Indian GSE guy you learn. All of it and that for a repeat.