Phone Scam: the Wedding Reception Hall

Friday, June 8th

You know the LAST THING a bride-to-be wants to hear a week before her wedding? That her reception hall DOUBLE BOOKED....

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Family this holiday we recorded I. Should be carefully answering that call include. Loans can. Why is this Gianna. Tried yet this is Calvin Harris I'm calling from that and manor you have here reception booked your next weekend. OK so I'm pretty sure to this what you're working with the Linda is that right. Yeah okay so she asked me to take over because there's gonna be just a couple changes to the original plan. OK so at least of the big one we're gonna have to change the date. Hello yet and are you that you have to change why. The dates that crater we're not gonna be the sixteenth anymore. That act like next week. You can't dictate what it already act protects. Well actually I'm afraid weeks I am so you know showed the bachelor. On the ticket buyer why it went well. I was trying to explain if you listen for a second so you know it showed the bachelor. I doubt a case of remember. Luring girl who is from here and the bachelor RE they might have a reception here and their families so we told them they could. And they're bringing the camera crews everything so we need the hall for damn. OK but I'd looked at my wedding where an hour ago I signed a contract you signed a contract. You can't do it to break the contract. Well we didn't have much as breaking as we just threw it away. Ending special circumstances and how so let's see if we could find at other day for your reception now. And then and then and then you know. I had gathered day OK we're happy. Saturday a great. Occasion people who are up eighteen I think I've printer into account they looked tickets. Adding we looked it was a subject that day tablet that matchup or that it. Ticket you're already looked okay. Well I can get it really work that way I mean on one hand. We have this great opportunity for press coverage national TV America's sweethearts. And then on the other hand we have. Well you guys. You have any idea how it soaking it. Our we have our next Saturday and your ball are going to shoot your experts over the re contract. Now we don't want that we don't want to like I said why don't we just fine in other. Saturday. And so listen go to church Dougal boring wedding ceremony and then tell everybody like okay we'll see how tomorrow you know the plays. Do you Q can you provide or something it should be Al I can talk to the ridiculous. Sure I'll hold on any public John but my big boss okay. Week OK hang car. I. EE it's. Yes I am I writing an outburst that your town. A stack of signed contracts and got somebody get called a meat equipment ready to eat I can't happen here. We'll be ready to just his compound. And freaked out winning series action. Next Saturday. Sixteen. I know I Daly had actually teach at coming in ninety. Yes that's what they've told me but there. Ticket saying okay I'm Brooke home already well I tell you can't just like that only. I but you counter a contract. I mean you're not on TV sharing things. True. But to me. Well and I usually that I mean have you seen that actually there. Let me OK I I don't get a about the acts are on. That. All I need a short while. Where. You'd I. Can't can't let. No really I mean. Do you think the actual hall thank you plant that because of the number of people that are coming they needed charity store on the camera cleaning. And you know coyotes stuff like that terror that's what they're putting in the hall like you reserved. You saw. Yes things needed somewhere to put their absence staff. And and it's more than sixteen he Stoops knew him. Okay. Shocking case scenario is okay. Alpert on PED. Shall we get your lady yet. Or are you at her her. Fear that Al dual or reception can he be doing in the gravel parking lot and put up a couple taints. Luckily the bottom line is reception isn't really the most important thing about your wedding. Or. Look the most important thing to remember. Is that. Now this is real and that this is actually busy morning zoo radio show and that you just got phone scams. I. I'm so sorry you can't end your fiance asked us to do the best. Oh my god I can't get it can't put it when they get. Anybody makes you think yeah that's a good point. What you do on the wedding right after the reception over. The sexiest thing you have to Wear and don't give him any on his wedding night didn't tell these caught up until the first anniversary. Oh my god it didn't ever attacked the good creepy you look I eat I. Wedding.