Phone Scam the Yelp Review

Friday, September 8th

After this phone scam, it's a safe bet Cynthia won't be making anymore Yelp reviews anytime soon...


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And oh yeah they are recorded and be careful and answering that call eight couldn't eat another easy win. Baxter industry excellence chemist and an email from Dan Lewis is losing money jail he's got a wiping Cynthia and they went out to eat at an anti rest Reich was not. Happy about it she complained the holy cow Lisa why you putting Yelp review. She never even heard. Heard of Yelp so he introduced her out she wrote a review and was so excited about her nasty review. That she started calling all her friends we need to read my review you need to read my revealed that she posted a link to our view on FaceBook so everybody could rated G was. Happy to crap and so on scored plagues and so he said why don't you guys call up and pretend somebody lost their job because RE PO. We kind of weight and different direction when it. I am. This ten can't. Police in the end you recognize my voice tiny teens. Now let me give you a little hand. Yeah I am a restaurant last week ending you decided to. Chance on the Internet. I'm sorry I did you know every your waitress at. You know the place you kind of short on charm an awful customer service. Why don't have the right person I. Yeah I. Don't you know. He went on and talking about you. Here I was giants anything you've trashed dad's on the Internet use definitely dad in the service was Boris. Right clubs I have every right here in my opinion more than response with whoever I shoot you why. Calling her indeed. You change your skin and feel of how if you're somebody want you know I read your little steep online companion web site. Not structured like that I customer. And I'm here and legends you'd probably saw me like there's a well. Well how I can be your house and I saw you in innings. Are you I would get unhappy with your not so you should apologize to whoever. Not jacking. Up. For the only scene that I'm sorry port is your husband because he may aid and gets things in the human means we probably we did he can divorce now. Yeah. I want to ask your editor at livestock manager right now you wanna talk to my energy or. Do we don't. Know what you're doing your customers. 12. I. Good afternoon this is David how may I help you now. I look at her sort it you're restaurant last week and we did not have a good experience the case so. I decided to write a review on me out and all and I talk to us outta the service needed some improvement. We your scripts just cold and she urged where I am yelling she's a little. You got a call from. Someone of your weight should ask whoever just run as well. All think that they just to Nelson the overhead and headed calls when I'm not sure who you who you talk to. And so he. Is now. The group would lose. I would just under oh just now. My knee is deep and manager. I know I know to manage air but cool under don't export you. Back. I'm still on the lying liar yes. I'm sorry I don't know who you're talking about it could not. OK yeah I'm not a girl I may end mini DV. Who are just just just shut up percent get up. She's on the go you can do what's right now. Oh key. I'm sorry I I don't hear anyone. OK okay maybe she taught and. Here's Ki moon. How did you sense that it's signaling. So I don't see what makes me. Gain. K okay this an I don't have time pursue either a phone games like this are now I have a restaurant two runs so. And you know when you're out just me. I might like what you're. Okay how often are you hearing these voices. I am not creepy okay she works for you and she asked me you better sleep with one can deny you and not. I. And they now and it's just silly how can you think if you have one allele in. Okay I'm gonna hang up now you have a lovely game and think you've. We'll hold on before I go. You should also know that this isn't the rest of a jury that this is busy morning zoo radio show and he will force news got phones scanned. And your husband Dan asked just a phone scam you he told us all about the review he wrote he tell you deserve it a little scare. So odd. Secure. About this club seats and as and empathy over yeah actually out actually read a lot believe in and simple Q. Knowing who it girl that was actually. Me. Oh yeah. And yeah. Does it favor. Hey right please don't write back Yelp review Linus is because these phones can you OK. I'd. It.