The Problem with Toblerone.mp3

Friday, November 11th

Ashley and Shaggy discuss the controversy over the Toblerone candy bar that has taken the world by storm.


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Also food on the subject you big controversy going on in England right now is. Has there with bricks sic or the vote here over in the states there's a bigger deal going on what's. Apparently. A counselor apparently he. Beat told Lauren candy all. Mistake. If you if you can't be a choice right out of group in the light rail. President and COLT schooled overtone die. Screw you me and the this is if you. So all this right like that's it of course this can't be real. All of the Nazi party pick in the people or more you know we don't have to yeah. She did. It could argue that doesn't do it and white chocolate are well. You like chocolate tea cats white chocolate. We here I don't know once the. We need to sell its its ports like I'm gonna go to Wal-Mart I told urgent and they had so it did not. Overtones it to the hole or her own. Yeah around my thinking they shrink the amount chocolate at the candidates announce that it Michael hole rolled triangles is huge pieces yeah. Yeah. We don't know how many calories I'm big now you swipe at all. Wrapped its body kick didn't wind set of four yeah aka. How. This is everything. Think yeah if I. I've known that isn't such a hot button issue. Wasted so let's not talk about that election last night and when money and that's all the runs out there right now I would've voted on everybody who said he would bring all told would come back yeah. Uncle Tom. Italian. Vogue Russia it is from the Redskins. It's volatile and. I will be your Redskins may get the ball only let me start publication and hot tub toddler time. We at least agree on how to say it isn't. I that's the remind.