Sunday, November 26th

Ashley sits down with Max from The Bunny Hutch 

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The lighting it's actually a fanatic he generics perspective and and this morning I'm hearing doctor injure and how to I Verizon has not. Smead director and founder and bunny hunched and clients are asking how are you today. I am fine we are fine sorry we junior he's actually here as well we'll we'll get into that who juniors and whatnot. So is the bunny match in climate stress scale. Well we're an exotic rescue and that doesn't mean anything crazy and wild it just means. Any thing about dogs and cats so we dude Tate chin chill was fair it's. Unease of course. But we also list. Rescues those animals that pretty much have to go to zoo's education apartment some of which are legal some of which on not. And we have got heaviest. Right now Bentley is a Vietnamese pot bellied pig. And he was a trance state from new jazzy and he weighs in at 200 pounds he is now substantially. Narrow fairways here. So how do you get started witness. So we were really never going to rescue myself and about five of his you keep does to Sweeney do you information tables. At exotic pet expose them to be able to give people the information that they needed because of. Apparently. No goal I think it's called Google but it hasn't been invented yet. So a lot of people buy things at exotic expose you and get a green quantum for fifteen dollars and a cup. And had actually no idea and what it needs. So. This people. So one at one of the had exposed. I'm just dumped off some the Boone by posts and kind of said my son about these on line they're your problem now help her mom so that was the invention of climates rescue because now. We have people who know. That we have a group of people I know what they're doing with exotics and and now people like dumping stuff off from my house. They are. It's finding out about us were dumping things off at exotic exposed. So we. Started climates rescue. What they first animal that you rest he. So. In theory that the boot kind of warrants. But we in the beginning it was really crazy stuff. And my husband decided that too bad climates rescue in the bunny much needed home when there's an alligator in our Iraq actually humble hat. A six foot. Tank that's water tank that we keep official that we used. Joseph look feed though lodge reptiles but it was originally exclusively in my alligator tank. Why do you focus only on exotics. So exotics only comprise ten to 15%. Pets in homes that have pets then but it's one of the number one trends they also require very specific K you're. And we'd gotten a transfer from peninsula regional SP CA Tony's six foot green iguana Tony Valentine on on Valentine's Day column. And the the shelters are over buttoned. They just don't have the manpower and these things require very very very specific care who hang on genus and species. Soar overhead is insanely hide because I have. Emergency primate biscuits I of emergency chameleon cages. We have. Five. Am endangered species of torrential in isolation right now and so. We kind of went let's help out the shelters they have to take everything and that's kind of how it became the crazy town that a wise. Did you see a lot of animals that helped problems yet we will a great deal with animal control and off the shelf does. Those animals that on on the web page they're happy and healthy. And we tied young bunny who was a transfer from Yorktown. Who we had been found out had bone cancer. Ferrets with ammonia home Scarlett is nine foot red tail boa constrictor. And she had a severe respiratory infection and was super morbidly obese. We. Kind of created a hall type deal that. We have a very low mortality rate for the severity of the cases we take in. Because we have young intense who wish to be zoo keepers so. Unfortunately there's a lie of need so what we do. But we don't get so wonderful PR that the dogs and cats do because snakes have the worst PR firm in the history of man. Aaron understand that you can't miss me about any exotic arrest he say anything like that cell in the studio right now. It's abnormally large bunny but as he goes by the name junior. Is this big man in the Ghani says it's a ho and junior is named in memorial math dad my father he's learned Roland Watson Belden Maxwell the eighth game theory the eight early beast on. And might get called me Junius so that's way junior got his nick and but at three years old now we just had his fun it's time he spun on veterans day. So. You know now that he's older he can you know chat up girls and go by JR instead to be witty and cool yeah definitely cooler. By the weight and he does weigh about 25 pounds these three and a half feet tall. He's the official Easter Bunny for the city of Virginia Beach and Easter 2018. There's big news brewing. And his father is very famous his father is king Darius they Guinness book world such as funny RS is finally Qaeda. That breeds in England it's had continental giant and that's why he simply yeah yeah. That it's engine in it buried. And in fact junior is the smallest of his kind in the United Kingdom by far I think the next one down from him a steady pounds he's a tiny little high. Yeah he's there aren't. So can people pat then can people cannot king so there 44. People in. The world. That are certified to hold junior but anybody can touch him we do. Promotional and educational events he's also my service dog quote unquote B and he hangs at the shelter is he goes were right now. What's your diet consists so every day junior it's about 32 cups of cut dark green vegetable about four cops. Little bunny pellets that we have to. Enriched with nuts and dried fruit about six pounds of the Timothy hay that he has in his stroller. And his favorite was goldfish crackers but they have real cheese. So I'm for big treat he gets animal crackers now you are sad mentioned currently there before we started in your view that he's a plan. Adults and a fraternity so junior is the newest member. Had kappa alpha order. I had Old Dominion University. Now and we just took our composite pictures. I day before yesterday on her and he was very handsome and his tie he has tied just like all the other Brothers do that is amazing practically to see that. So what other animals you have at the shelter. So what that we have is an ever changing selection as a junior is the only animal not available for adoption so. Every. Week every day we never know what's you know like pop pop crawler slid her through that door. Or kind of get transferred. So right now we've got to giant screen to go on. Deadline for red tell Bo we've got two turtles Aniston dude. That have to get adopted together because dude who is Florida Gulf Coast toward this is kind of earnest support team heard all. Ernest suffers from anxiety well he was first rescued even at our purpose college's home and in other places all he did was pace all the time. He cause damage to show them when dude was found in surrendered. We put them in together they're both about the same lifespan. About the same size earnest outpacing immediately. Long hot day used rats ferrets. And each Chile's right now we've got of course bunnies. And down kind of the gaff yeah tranche a was trying snake farm stake marks. We can really in a pancake tortoise. We get a lot of different there's always kinda different. Now what do you have to do to be a volunteer or intern with Keith I've got to be a human. You could only failure to be breathing that's about it so we. Take volunteers aged one to 100. Our family volunteer program ages one to ten. Young president all of this information is on our web page that was our volunteer application in our adoption application. Age one to ten. That they are a part of a family volunteer group. Age eleven to fourteen. Day I still part of the group but they're allowed to do much more hands on many routes and fifteen an above. Young people can volunteer on their own and we do have that professional level college intern program. Four as you keep is that you don't have to be bio major. You don't have to only wanna be a zoo keeper till I could easily coming in volunteering keep guys love Mayo I totally. I would be the best thing ever. And that would be our Hossa yeah it. That and we that I eighteen majors we have those people who are taking a gap year mom and just wanna save the world one animal at a time. I am here re Max found a bunny match incline that rescue or can you tell our listeners a little bit like a typical day is like at the bunny house. I have phonetic typical day. In five years I think it yeah. Understood they. So un cages are cleaned a 100% daily we follow AZ eight guidelines. Which is by far the highest standard they were fully inspected chilled to just like all the other city show says. And the way completely run by volunteers and interns. So. Generally every day my day involves showing me and turns in the volunteers cursory exams. Had to evaluate animals their cages are cleaned. There are water dishes if it's above a certain temperature. We have exercised the odds so that the animals can get exercise we have volunteers that come in college the I mean pressures. That there helping animals socialized. To be and where is fun and you know it's awesome. Sometimes people coming in just sit in the garden and read so the animals can come up to bad arm because to some of them especially eighty abuse cases. That people necessarily art. The biggest. Happy chirpy feeling for them began so they get used to it. That and then there's the emergency calls. Were open 24 hours a day and we're pretty much for the big super animal control. One of the few places where you can contact and he's. Now I know a lot of people are curious that Pakistan for example Claritin you produced at cloudy and control act 730 and they're not operating Nolan can and shakes me said and they change three to the police department so it's kicked out of contact outside and that it. So odd is that doesn't trainees exotic animals and diet I mean it sounds like it costs a lot of money so how do you raise money tear I sense these animals. We do events of all kinds we do bad they pod he's being used scout groups. Everything to promote education. And to be able to make sure that every member in your family. Is treated like that it with the respect that they deserve a living breathing happy Chad beat creature. And I'm like this weekend right now we're at the and Virginia Beach convention center. With our holiday crafts fair man do we year. Taking donations for sustainable swagger. And other items that animals make so the animals make all of our sponsorship gives it got pain teens. And note cards sustainable swagger is on number one product. Patent pending I'm ship. That adds the snakes and reptiles to shed naturally. So we have a family volunteer is paint them with food coloring. And then that parents are shown had to seal their men acrylic. And we make Christmas ornaments refrigerator magnets key chains. Pins. All kinds of items that done are of course you're number one holiday gift item. Is because I mean I let my get that he brought me and today thank you can't people get these online if they can attend an event. Yes we have online sales at our web page. The bunny hutch dot ORG. And of course you know you can always you know just donate. That that's that number one thing that we need is. We have very specific needs for the animals so we do take advantage donations then we take donations of reptiles items we take all kinds of donations those items. That we can't use that are really geared to dogs and cats we Philippine trailer and then we take them to the different shelters to hopes apart them swap. You had to sustainable slack how is that different firm Cameron art work. So analog or is kind of pod pale her body made. So it's actually enrichment activity the animals just think they're walking through mud and playing around when in actuality it's child safe paint. And we mix in the paint ourselves. I've eaten it. Jester dangerous city. And I my gosh yeah down eat something move and our parent I have no idea. And then they just walk or crawl through eight and down redo paintings anywhere from the smallest state by ten to junior has some lodge paintings. We've got so much pain that took an entire summer to complete. Because it's by smaller animal him. So can you tell listeners a little bit about critter clapper now they're giving or Cheney trip club is monthly. Club youth and sponsor. One of the animals or you can just do a monthly donation. And every month you get a letter from junior and you get a very specific. And an animal piece of outlet that is. From that animal of the month so November it was can mealy and this him guys coming up and die slowed down remember yeah. But you never know what's gonna come through. So you always get information from junior about how you can help and of course the sponsorship. Monthly programs are that our best to wait to help us out. What naming opportunity. So we also have corporate sponsorships and naming opportunities we have a forty foot. Mobile outreach evening it. So there's a lot of space for our a hum different sponsorship corporate sponsorship all private family sponsorship. Plus you can name a room at the you know climates rescue classroom brought to you by a who knows that it name animal's name rooms named the bus. Name an event. I am this big man will go out your business and help you promote your big chance that's unfair that he goes and helps the community as much as he can't. You mentioned a little bit about your donations is there anything specific that hasn't item to any sentence that you guys are really looking for it we always really could use wrecked our heat have ads. I'm reptiles rights reptiles bulbs everybody thinks erect tile bulb just it's changed too when. It burns out they have to be rotated. Because the vitamin deficiencies. Goes down the longer hours that Iran so we can always use those heat pads items that you can build and tanks. And we build custom many exhibits. There that's kind of how we became disease that isn't as you know all of our reptiles. Select the Arthur pods it donated out in a tank that's custom built so that going to any home. Andy keeps the exact temperature and that that animal needs to no matter how you keep your home from 68 to Sydney and degrees it doesn't match. Same engine that junior has a lot of appearances. Do you go to schools often. Joon Yang goes to school programs we've got about a hundred different topics. From. Shape safari for that little kid's story time we have programs written for this data so wells. Through a university and public speaking engagements the juniors done. He did any and then specifically. Your facility. We can use my. All ticketed event that I so cost soft launch was Halloween last year not this one this year. And down and sue about 300 people showed up at a very small show Tatis hit good. And I do and I yeah so we can only do small ticketed events now. A light weird. Because of standards are so high and we're member of the Virginia Beach hoteliers association. Fannie and Virginia Beach resort and and convention center. Donated. Very large conference room. So that we can have junior's birthday party was also our veterans day event home so we do a lot of events. I waved but. Late smaller cozy even seem like a birthday pipe down and timid yeah I mean do you but they parties and in fact the bat they parties. We shut the whole building down. So that your guests to have an immersive experience. And walked to the interns work. Our whole facility is set up exactly like behind the scenes of his do you never ever get to see we pull back the wizards curtain so to speak. So that you can see the amount of care and the educational level that it takes to care for elephants on down. That's awesome I would love to have a party there myself where your kids are you looking at and we're at 1165. Jensen dry them. It's little street off of bird neck which is exit 22 were about a mile and a half from the ocean front. And for the public when you opened her people to come back. We're open every day until six we're in winter hours right now zone Monday through Friday. We're open one to six Saturday and Sunday eleven to six. But when we're at events like we are today that this whole weekend we've been at that it launched Black Friday. Win juniors away from the facility Regis leave one or two interns behind so we don't have to. Do you all of the work we always put on social media when we're not there. So that nobody drives all the way. But down. We're open in theory 20%. We into the construct for senate say you had today Glenn on this week and what about any future events should be should know about. Valentine's Day is part begin to be our next large event. And done a sweetheart event. At the shelter animals unlikely we wanna keep it like nice and simple. And down then of course on chi I don't know eastern. Yeah that makes sense yeah now. That the big man and is gonna go to different places probably every weekend it much because Easter is April Fool's Day this year in half. An award or Sunday in regards to being the Easter I neat so junior not only being allowed to trapped in the United States. Is the official Easter Bunny I may our old proclamation by man says some screw loves a junior very much. That he's the official Easter Bunny for the city of Virginia Beach he just got an award at community impact award from couldn magazine. I had done coastal Virginia magazine moon plus is award for from the fraternity. And he's a police officer he has as well yeah he's a junior police office of course his biggest job. Is I'm wounded warrior I'm not combat veteran and junior is my emotional support them now is amazed saying he had certainly tighten up. He's a Republican Pontiac. Is Alice he would like to share with our listeners. That being the best kept secret in Hampton roads isn't great for an animal shelter. We would want to make shared that everybody knows. That exotics deserve the same respect. And support. And cared that any member of your family does we wanna make shared that every man be for your family is the healthiest happy ist and fittest. Whether your covered in fur or feathers Skinner scales. We want to make sure that we can help everyone. We're thinking so much for coming in today Max and junior as well. Again if you want to check out there website bunny hutch stack or until 3-D sales are attacks that way buying meat. EU an NY to 7571. FR I or Cindy and links straight year found. An upcoming events added things that junior will be ten being in whatnot. Think to some acts thank you thank you thank you again.