Friday, February 2nd

Ashley sat down with Meredith from Evelyns Wildlife Refuge! 


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It might change that's actually like another he often adds perspective and then this morning I am nearly married. Brown and lands and wildlife and rip refuge carry you to naming a very good and well thank you for coming in today that he could tell our listeners a little bit. Out caverns wildlife refuge. I'm Hala we've had bats we do snakes turtles so pretty much anything that's native to Virginia we did race get animals from. Most of the animals come from various camp directs and controls we get a lot of animals that come in from people calling them we also get a lot of other rescues will send us animals when they did overpopulated. Incapacity or they don't take a certain species we will make come and then a majority of those people calling and for animals they got animals they find in their yard or they think no need help answer this question that that listeners tell what should someone do if they did find an animal in need definitely call a licensed wildlife rehab are sometimes. Situation that needs to be successfully. You know we don't want you grabbing an animal that you see in thinking it needs help you get injured animal you can also injure yourself. We have lot of people calling and they find an animal. They've went on Google and they've looked up what defeat in drink we ask you please never give any animal that you. Contain any food or water at the very important. To call us immediately now why he is not recommend giving dreamliner most of the times animals that are brought in are in a compromise state babies cannot control their body temperature. So. Giving them food or water can cause organ failure not counting each species. Receives a certain formula for their species. And they get certain diets they are put on certain feeding schedule certain feeding amounts if you give the wrong formula as you can call Castro problems organ failure some eating cause diseases that are unnoticed Whittle down the road which cause painful death. Say you're doing more harm then got it exactly and people drop off and exactly refuge. We asked that nobody ever does that we wanna make sure that somebody is there we also want to speak to the person it's very important that we get all the information we can on the situation we wanna know. If we can get a comparison size if we can find out who. Where the animal was found how they animals acting everything to ensure that we get ready for the animal coming yet. It turns different animal can have their days in college and I how does that our unfortunately now all the animals we did and we tried to not have bet you wait since they will be released back into the wild so we limit the contact with humans very. Very much we do if somebody brings mainland and they wanna know updates we will give them updates we post that is an update on our FaceBook begin emailed them they can. I have people who test me and I text and pictures so long we definitely will keep people updated. What animal do you get the next calls on we specialize Iraq and so that is a good majority of the calls we get says but the most calls we get our own bunnies buddies make nest in the most oddest places it's usually slammed it in the center of your yard is. Says that they you know you find this nest you don't see a mom around the first thing that comes everybody's head is these are banned in baby's mom's been killed or is taken off there's these poor little babies. That is not the case and mom is actually somewhere close by watching you wishing you get away from her babies she comes violated Dustin dawn she. Runs ever top of the natural quake she feeds them she leaves that's for safety says you know predators like birds don't see it. It's the same thing with farms funds are not with the moms took older we get more calls on the two of those people have actually already kidnapped. The for the baby and now. So we ask you to leave the baby's a plan and unless you see animal and distressed CUNY you can usually tell if you see a fallen and it's laying on its side and it's not laying sitting up it's probably in distress we need to interfere. But otherwise they need to stay alive. Sam Lance. Baby rack suits our past and it's well. Possibly yes if you see a baby hops on the moms or not. Varying did about coming hacking getting them say if you see a baby possum and it's like under six inches we ask you call immediately they won't survive on the Iran. In most cases. Baby rack and usually. The months of the bests them in boxes so usually the that the mom's not with the babies. She's out forging for food or shall I can't exactly and eat real animals that there considered any sense to property owners we absolutely do not and we do not recommended most cases the animal will not survive once it's been relocated they have no clue where to to forge for feed they have no clue. Where Sudan up they don't know who to hire an arc either gonna have to go against a usually. Either started after they're killed and nevertheless it's actually illegal in the state of Virginia to re even trap and relocate a wildlife and whom most people don't realize that. What about as pat Steve keep any of the animals you rehabilitate as pets we do not we legally cannot keep them as pets if an animal has a medical reason that makes him not really simple but. But they are able to live pain free and captivity we can consider to apply for educational. Permit to keep them we actually have to reckons that we do you keep thinking are they then let rest for like 1415 years a base came in with Pargo and they com they ended up having neurological you know issues senate you know it hinders them. From being released but a lot of cases it doesn't work that way. And Vanilla a lot of people's he earned insert and Internet people have packed. Rack in pet boxing needs to ask any time I even CNET tech class and what do you think about when he sees social media pages like that. It's cute and everybody sees all the cute videos so they assume this is you know it's just like having a dog or cat it's not and I really have nuclear how these people keep Brackins is that's what I do the majority when they hit a teenage year. They get very missed she BS and work my teenager Gerri shall. And they will get destructive and then you know sometimes the hormones kick in where they get more you know they can get aggressive like the -- when they're ready to you know breed and then you have you have also it's not even that you have parasitic issues to you know rations care are very high carriers around worm and some calls narrow issues if it's passed over to human Xanana diseases I just don't know it I guess it depends on what there are procedures are to keeping him to warm if they're fascinating and but I don't think they need to be in the pop the busiest time of the year for you that it's usually it's April date September which we call that baby seasons that's exactly -- like spring planning means exactly but actually with the weather climate changing we've actually been getting. Animals as early as February in as late as November so we really haven't had any kind of down time this past year and the year before. And then went and bench Amy strange acts I actually had and camera on the side of my house. And I get alerts in my fan when there's any in this neck and last night it went off and I looked. There's four pots suns' Boris pull out them. Unlike in the world and then a week ago that there is Iraq an inner drive way. And you sure I don't see that as like around this time but I guess until they're seventy degrees yesterday and minutes when he next to you exactly kind of competed to see them now EC aid nocturnal wildlife in a mall Alan. Eighties now while I try animals are more active at night too many will venture out during the day especially moms that are forging for fear that couldn't find peace in the evening for the babies don't go out during the day sometimes you'll have the juvenile racket ends when the mom's a way they think they're being and you know funny they give very mysterious we get a lot of calls on news when it starts at a later season like we've got these younger baby Iraq ends and they're not the juvenile. And they're being bad so do you guys actually yeah animals yes we all rabies actors receive their rabies vaccination before they're released from weed to warm the wilder in our care we did flee wilder and her care. If any come in better compromise they are put on antibiotics. To a bad because we go all lenient animals we do you have that's an area that take care of wildlife that sponsor us that we you know we go through. So everything before it is released is vaccinated and an a 100% healthy and has all the skills before we were released. And any person jury had an animal that they find Yardeni specific certifications. You must be licensed through the Virginia department game and inland fisheries it is illegal to do it without it we have tons of license rehab or you can go right on BD GIF's website and look up while like for hammers and we'll tell you all the ones in your area if somebody finds it and they they don't have a computer access they can call us at I can't take animal we'll send them to somebody closer to them in their area that you definitely cannot do it in the state of Virginia they're very strict on that. Now how does a person that kind of like things really care win and brings wildlife act which if somebody is. And arrested that we would love to have them we need rehab purse wheelock and do all the steps through the forms on containing permit it does it. Depend on and the city they resides in the species they wanna rehab on what the requirements are we wanna make sure though before somebody jumps into that they know that re having is definitely not a hobby it is a full time commitment it will change your life you need to make sure that everybody in your family. Is no -- kids yes because if you have little kids it will take time away from this little kid I don't really recommend it when you have little kids but it's also rewarding I mean you've got this animal that you've given a second chance and you get to watch it be released so I mean there's rewards and there's downsides what about patents let's say you have some dog to Khamenei wanted to come and rehabilitate act would you recommend not to treat you can bet legally bylaw you have to have a separate area whether it's a separate room or separate billing. That keeps the animals away from domestic you cannot have a domestic sneer and a lot of that wildlife animals tend to. The friend. You know like foxes will befriend dogs Rangoon TC on videos they befriend cats and dogs I live out and topic and I see it all the time boxes with cats and stuff because. You know they're almost in the same area so they kind of different each album especially if there's a food source they've been asking you do you guys except volunteers we do except volunteers but you can not to volunteer with or around the animals unless you were license and pre vaccinated with rabies we do need volunteers to help in other areas though. We do a lot of fund raising and Sweeney events we need help with rebuilding closures act you know a lot of our rehab burst house's that we need enclosures for you know pre released. And we also need volunteers for collecting and transporting supplies donations. Equipment so when we can use them for other things is just not the animals. When it comes to Denny shames what things that you guys during Nina nurse a lot of people think of donations they think of it being monetary. Which. Also helps rehabbing his very expensive we have that costs we have building it costs we have supplies food if people don't realize formula. I'll just order formula was almost a thousand dollars just to get us for the beginning. The season we can you supplies we use sheets we used blankets dog food cat food baby food we can use our beds a lot and it doesn't have to be brain knew it can be used a lot of people I tell them what you know beginning of spring when you're cleaning up your closets. We can use all that old stuff a lot of times heating pads. It doesn't have to be knew we'd we'd love used. And you guys have a wish list we do have a wish list I paced it. On our FaceBook page or insert Rampage. We have on our web site and if they can't find that the welcome to contact us and we'll send it to them and what is your FaceBook page headlines wildlife refuge next you guys had any upcoming events from twenty team yes we have our annual yard and bake sale that we have so we are taking donations for the yard sale and for the bake sale we also have the wildlife baby shower which was our first year last year which was a hit. It's probably the only time that you can come in and see the babies that are at the refuge and be in rehab you of course can't cuddle and hold them you can at least see the baby's a lot of people that. Never seen a baby in a more up close and we also will be doing our annual casino night in November this year. That's always a big hit where we have the silent auction in the raffles and games. It's an adult only but it's definitely a great event and he sent packing and Democrats in November practice we have other events that were in the process of planning that will keep everybody updated on the website and FaceBook page and goals per caverns wildlife refuge for it and she while number one goal is definitely to get more rehab or as we are in a big need of rehab verse and also we are building a new wildlife. Refuge facility were hoping to have it done in spring that is. What our goal from. You need the public's help in buying tang went at Dell or are we need monetary donations back to pay for some contractors will definitely need. Contractors are willing to donate their time to help you definitely we actually do things like wind national yes. Any which Carroll's way that the metal roofing and will also needs supplies supply box church prior fridge we do we want the building to be completely set up to where everything is in the building that. They animals will need in the rehab or is rehabbing them. Now why do you work with Athens wildlife refuge besides going to be exhausted. I love animals I loved animals since I was a child and I am. I started out with Ferrell cats that was you out I work at a salvage yard and of course we get a lot to catch an upstart and that was that and then. With cats you have animals I have rankings accompanied I have fox is a candy. And I brought up costs and one time to have one years ago that actually it was at the red act. Our shop and it was hurt. Just be you know they are watching what she was doing be an up close there's animals and eyelid and suspect I have acreage it just seemed like it was the perfect thing you know we don't there's not a lot of area people keep building up building house is cut down trees that there's not a lot of area for wildlife and I just feel that I got the capabilities and I got DeLeon to do it why not another patent exact what is. What is he the first difference I guess you could say type of mammal that you've reiterated our had a column out. I would definitely say the beavers we have last year unfortunately that's of them passed but those were probably the most unique animals that we had gotten they were also the most adorable little you can't ever we gotten. Only problem is is that animals like that you have to keep for a long term so we were in the process is trying to figure out how we were gonna keep them long term reform released. But com. Not every day you get a call and I hit a beaver you mean found that mind me asking what plans roundly and how can pass when we don't really know there's not a lot to I guess education when it comes to wildlife betting. In regards to beavers could you don't see beavers and easy use yeah so more of whipped wild life that's learning is usually what you'll find is you odd errors and and other animals like that so. It was kind of hit or miss we were kind of you know we were trying to figure out was wrong with a we tried. Different but not even medications just different angles of trying to I'm Matt thanks to try and yet you know like a lot of that was a gas row in a lot of animals have to have certain bacteria and their stomach what you can buy dog bacteria at any pet store you combine it. Raccoon bacteria. Online at wildlife blaze is connect beavers isn't comments then it was very hard we had a very hard time with a minute. It was very stressful but. There was also an experience. And play your favorite theme about where things went at Barnes while I it's a learning experience. It I don't care how long you've been rehabbing you can be doing it for thirty years you'll learn something new every day. No animal is exactly the same new species is exactly the same and it's like they keep you on your toes and there's always something new. That's coming up before we end this interview is there anything else you'd like to read for attention parents today. I would definitely say that if you have questions in regards to wildlife call somebody don't say and don't think that when you see and a and a pop some outside that it's got rabies that's incorrect you know a lot of people don't realize they don't carry rabies if you see a baby bird on the ground. And it's got a little bit of feathers it's probably if pledging don't go taking hitting a brick bringing it home if you see baby bunnies are not abandon all these situations that could have been prevented and kept with the animals mother if somebody would call we do we courage if it's not even if it's asked another wildlife rescue we have Heinz in this area to call it's not like we're limited a lot of people feel eliminate them we're not we have lots of rescues in this area for wildlife. Well thank you so much for coming in today and again you can do things you know for a dot harmed and get all the information on and brings wildlife refuge as well as emperor on upcoming events and how you can help out here and he internet's thank you get married thank you.