Todays Worst Music 9-6.mp3

Friday, September 9th

Another edition of "Today's Worst Music!" This one includes songs like, "My Girlfriend's Leaving Me for Jesus" and "It's Definitely Gonorrhea."


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Every once in awhile. We like to bring in the music that is so horrible. Then we'd never make it on year he went off for now. Here at you before you as yours talk about today's best he's. It assumes that you're the probable and he knew me. But this segment we call it city's worst music songs that don't belong on our playlist or any interest that it can. And brought it really gets election with a variety. Of topics. Let's start off with today. Stuff with this on. Which is something everybody can relate to and something you can. Relate to you you probably could really too early this morning it's my group called stereo total. And it's called. I am naked. Yeah. I'm getting a. I Amy eighteenth. Like yeah is so why I am nick can't just have my momma made me that's gonna nominate me. Does make it yet here's a guy the name of sour Bob. And is this is sad song called my girlfriend's leaving me. All for Jesus. My own friends me and it's. Been Jesus. She knows. On data from. Oh come on dance. It's not just yeah. Lol love. Every time we do the today's first music segment people always ask for more of this guy on the miss London I'm a bed saying ma'am. It is it's. And yeah. Tried to inject some new law are you got more if the follow a single time the best run GMC and it's. All all that in the worst true I'm crude. It's. Heidi got a ground only guys is GM seed it's volatile in the back of my guys shy. I here's a song and by an army train called you smelly Mexican food. Yeah. OK so I don't know what basis that. But I think is the great policy on do you smell like Mexican food it's like crazy and R&B group and it's called. I know before his. LA game. In the name I know you've heard. The great song. And another negativity in the mood. This song definitely won't get you in the mood this is kind of what goes on that comes after you've been in the mood. And it. It's from a guy any medium John I guess he's like younger brother of long John I don't know that it. And Allen and it's called it's definitely gonorrhea. Like I. Do you think Justin Timberlake her best TDs all my good name he's OJT going on there yeah. And cynical and boy oh yeah. That's hot stuff I mean literally it's I had and so yeah. So there you go that's some of the songs that we give in here as he went 04 that are so bad they would never make it on the air. Except for today. Yeah. And that's a pretty you'll have the bathroom to. He didn't like our hiring ending. I think that her own game from the gonorrhea and that's that is some things up when we come back with. Need to talk about in about fifteen minutes into the army came to Virginia Beach in shaggy said it was mentioned they resuming full of one. Rea.