Todays Worst Music Holiday Edition

Friday, December 9th

It's the holiday version of Today's Worst Music, including such hits as "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Syphillis" and "Please Daddy Don't Get Drunk This Christmas"


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It's time for another edition of today's worst music how is the segment we pull out the terrible. Horrible music that he would never hear normally on Z 104 because it's really bad this holiday edition. Walt and that's you know for every great holly song you hear like it. Their own son. Here governments. Or condones it only really one of those there is Oguchi names. I'm. Look at. That's pretty bad. And so today organism what you the Christmas songs that should never be on the radio because they are the worst Christmas songs of all time songs like please daddy. Don't get drunk this Christmas. What does she do you look busy coming could be heard is that what I have. Isn't it I get Christmas song and now here's a thoughts on with a different team altogether for a Santa Claus is called I've got some presents for Santa. He's had a mental. And it's you know it's. Alone and painless and an age and I am I eight ENN. Business news. And the pocket and it's like to know I did hear that in all my blood return at all. Just lied his. Here's a tribute to everyone's favorite thing at the holidays which is a little bitty green. Yeah true then no Carly trillions ago and I've. So this PGA your pain. Aren't you know the car intrusion. So long us unless you allow me and no murmurs I'll miss out of ten. And lay a pretty dangerous nice young man that. I don't know if I'm rental car is running Hillary's own brain and think you know me. No opinion. Actually it's pretty nice. We all of the sudden it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas because that's the wanna come kicks on the Christmas season. Although if you have a nasty. I. Don't know who I'm talking about this song it's beginning to look a lot like syphilis. Yeah. He's been hanging around on blacks that know. Slow. Community that's not good enough singing has now. Embarrasses me yeah. That's its next stage. Here's this all about housing and lost his job because all kids want ipad's now and they don't buy his wooden toys anymore. What are they were serious and of the select let's take a real state it is Judy guys. Seeing. All this is one of my wife's favorites my wife is obsessed with the bon qui qui. Well yes I like bi weekly this is well let you listen to. I'm here. Mary others we'll from a Greek bringing. I'm a big fan of the police now he died that's one of my favorite crystal and my wife hates it last night crank it only adds yeah and but you might. This is a little bit more relevant version for 2016. It. Police stopped my car. But he's still. Yeah. It's. Antenna I said I like that one of my favorites and then finally last Lumia free today is that into the Holley time often leads to you unexpected houseguest long. Uncle comes in from out of talent and he ends up staying over things welcome you may be like a day turns into lake a week. For those people we present this. Me and.