Todays Worst Music Nov2016.mp3

Friday, November 11th

This edition of Today's Worst Music includes such classic hits as "I Wanna Sex My X-box" and "I Hate Your Ugly Face"


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Once in awhile. We like to play the music that's so bad it would never make it on C well for. In a segment we call today's worst music. These are actual real songs that you confine on line or that sometimes or sit down that become before the Internet YouTube these songs were kind of like. We never see light day merit but now. It's easy to find these so here's that we sort of today with a guy who's so much in love with his Xbox. That everybody on this segment yeah he record is simple song called I wanna sex my Xbox and here is a little. It's a big golfers off and a everything he said in his. I don't know how to text your Xbox guys losing primarily tech guy is on to something yeah he wasn't light in in the song and right now I. Actually for you know a song I brought this morning called the people in the toilet. I'll ask you about your trip. Here's is the people in the toilet. How can they. The people in the toilet carry out now just theories happened and let the people manipulate it into the. Scary to me. People are telling you know you like the naked some last time. I am naked apple will AAR and Dikembe and they can. Kind of along the same lines that's on it's a song called stick. To that idea. I might title it still quite clear. Oh you must see T. Stevie they shadows courtesy in. The key to what. Lions lions. You can. And I was on the plane and then getting gray area stick it to the Tampa area. You wanna stay G. Our stinky fish shadows Dizzy Dean. Okay yeah. Yeah. Singapore and. Time they us we'll stick it to the PM alternate idea came mind it sounds weird that appropriate volume. You almost. I want ST DH shadows Tennessee being in that. I think it to the tip. Well. It's nothing else and bring it all here's a great sound I think shaggy you can dedicate some nationally would probably be this one right here. Page here a brief me and us is Edward Hillary. Bothers me wherever I'd drive him home. Years Unionists and I've been leather. She just ruak I have heard a little did you hear and I think. You mood. And I song did Donald Trump I don't know I don't know I hate your ugly face he has skated like Lebanon yeah but look at it in the make sense a little bit odd now. The artists to act. Is difficult Sunday you'll always find everything we do outdoors music on its finest scat song yeah I think did you secret obsession Skadden yes and this guy. Do you know about the Canadian government to implement a monumental moment. I mean everywhere does that. Yeah that would be given to hit record huge international smash that however this song fortune teller. Probably will not become such a big yes. Up when they get to the end of the song and they kind of wrap up the song at so it's really. Witchcraft did. If enough guts usually possessions will be able to put the yes she's begin which crashes again songs yeah yeah. Stories stuff yeah as we hear is okay my hands are sweaty something's happened in the studio. So creative and now let's. Whether there is piling on so it says I'm gonna need to copy that I he ugly face haystack. Let's get that I'm Gloria. You won't ST JA LC DH shadows Casey Ian. And that. And ate out. And now. Well enough and that is today's edition of today's worst music ever enjoyed that he injure of new field glow that some. Including. Bothers me wherever I drive to remove. You're skiing is analog leather. Huge just black I have Byrd rule did you hear and I think you load.