Todays Worst Music Pt1.mp3

Friday, June 3rd

This edition of "Today's Worst Music" features "Who Told You to Eat My Cookie?" by Austrian Death Machine, and a rap song dedicated to poop.


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We play what we call today's best music on he went up for the team here that sometimes to his best music Taylor Swift and Drake in Ottawa. What about the songs that are so bad they would never make it on the air those sons deserve a chance to. Well today we're gonna play some of our favorites I dusted off the crates and went into the back of the closet and found some real good ones for you this morning. First up is the group Austrian death machine who don't rate and a song called. Told Judy my cookies normal you're it's hard pour humility you better believe it. I. And earlier Sarah little too soft for such a hard to comment to me to get him yeah. I would dig in net but they all love followed single cult it's simple if it jingles it's back. I mean if you're correct it. I regret if he's OK let's zoom on that jet all its fat. It's symbol of Israel's that I here's a guy group called and the low or might just be DJ called and the low. Who had that near you that you maybe you have heard this on this might be your anthem it's called eat my name. And everything. Then every now. Pegasus is called eat mind. That the worst ever what are what are jerk like thirteen it's so that is eat my and the every here eat my wife's flat. Does it cost more it's just people and many needed fiscal eat mind that day. Please. Very bad. Fought through it doesn't see. I'll make you eats. But we never know what you. OK now we move on to will these guys belong in the cities of music hall of fame Donnelly for making terrible music. But for doing it on purpose steel. And the skull and called. Your beautiful when you don't talk. It isn't a group headquarters. Silica eighty's yeah yeah. A lot of more human and when that's the only Saunders I could play on the radio I'm only it's. Let's Alia that they are awesome though. And finally for this round we have a lot more to play this morning but I thought I would bring this and just be Ashley a song dedicated to the fate of your favorite subject. Who. And it's called groupies. She's. Felt like that was the kind of taken a crack. My last memories is. Anyway so they go that's who can. These days. It did my name is live dog and I'm gonna about. Crap but. She. It was the negative. Yeah like simplest pleasure take an extra yeah.